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It’s already Friday! Where did this week go??? It’s the last week of my vacation in amazing Kauai, Le sigh. And I’m not just using an adjective to describe this magical place. It is seriously amazing. I will be enjoying my last days of snorkelling, sun bathing (with loads of 30 sunscreen of course), people watching (wink wink nudge nudge), sipping on coconuts (pouring in Rum) and eating healthy glorious organic fresh food, which I will continue to do so as well.

Glorious Kauai

FRANNY is coming for ya!

Saysha Out!


Check out this brand new exciting and FUNNY comedy web series called inSAYSHAble. A few links about the show (1) inSAYSHAble   (2) inSAYSHAble  created by my dear friend actor/writer Amy Matysio and written by Amy Matysio with Christina Sicoli (that’s me) , Arlen Konopaki, Robert Appleby and directed by Jeff Beesley (Corner Gas, Dolan’s Cadillac). I play Franny, Saysha’s Italian firecracker of a best friend (not a stretch to play) . Please support Canadian Made. So much talent in this show and I am so proud to have collaborated on it. It premieres MAY 9th. Mark your calendars and get some toilet paper you may just pee your pants a lil bit. Check it! Let us know what you think! 

Also, Check out 60 Second Tips With Sicoli all at the same time on Funny Or Die and VOTE . I’ll also continue posting on Youtube

60 Second Tips With Sicoli

My boyfriend’s mother sent him this video. I thought it was pretty hilarious. Wow, if only my body could contort in all those positions. You’ll know what I mean when you take a peek….especially at 3:31. WOWOWOWOOWOWZA!

AND last but not least, the exclusive RAGS premiere’s  May 28, at 8 PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. It’s a Rags to Riches modern day Cinderella Story. I play “Martha”  and am stoked to see this show. I miss my red hair. Check out the exclusive world premiere  video, “Me And You Against The World”.



Have a safe and happy weekend! I’ll be sipping on some coconuts for ya. – CS xx


Sun glasses, Sun dresses. Swimsuits Oh My!

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Summer is approaching and oh boy such choices in sandals, sunglasses and swimsuits this year. It’s a good thing I’m still on vacation because I’ve been living in the same swimsuit, sundress, pair of sunglasses and Havaianas for the past two weeks. A little over a week to go and I don’t think I’ll be wearing much more. NOTE TO SELF: When travelling destination Hawaii, you don’t need much. ADVICE: Pack a knapsack.

It’s always exciting to see the new styles, colours and look books that come out each year. I can’t help myself from strolling through my favourite shops and vintage stores like a kid in a candy store touching, smelling and wiping the drool from my lips over tasteful and delightful summery pieces of delicious wear. I am a sucker for anything unique, vintage and of course material worthy. There is nothing worse than buying a dress that is inexpensive but feels like starch.  As for sunglasses, I usually find it hard to find the perfect pair because my face is heart-shaped. In my in-depth analysis of heart-shaped faces and the perfect pair of sunglasses this has allowed me to wear what suits my face. Then there are sandals. Well, I am a sucker for anything on the feet so……  Here are a few of my favourites for the quirky, sexy, and fun.

Fan of the black rimmed. Cat eye. Aviator. Nerd.

Sahara Hotnights . Love .

MMMMM Aviator.

Swimsuit Special. I quite fancy the styles of the 50’s that are rocking 2012. I’ve got my eyes on you.


Rachel Comey Retro Swimwear 2012

LOVER the label. part 1 "white magnick"

LOVER the label part 2. "white magnick"

SAM EDELMAN "Javi" in salmon

SAM EDELMAN "Rella" in Black

A Mai-Tai Moment


What makes you tick?

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First and foremost the fact that I wake up and my heart is still beating like a drum makes me tick. Since I’m on vacation in Kauai the sound of a rooster “cocka doodle dooing” in the wee morning hours makes me tick. The ocean waves, hot sun, sounds of nature, breathtaking landscapes and of course the many talents of the surfers make me tick! The sun sets, sun rises, melting in the sun make me tick. The sound of coffee percolating, the smell of coffee in the air and the taste of coffee in my mouth part all make me tick. Yum. After 1, 2, 4 cups of Kauai Coffee Company coffee I am in coffee heaven. I am addicted to the Chocolate Macadamia Nut. I went to visit the plant and after a few samples you can imagine I was bouncing off the walls, doing hand stands in the cafe, hula hooping in the shop, doing bits of standup in the plant…..Oh wait a minute, this is what I wanted to do but I held back for once. I felt sorry for my boyfriend who felt like he had his hands full, but after I bought him a cappuccino chocolate chunk cookie he was happy. Until I ate it. Oopsie Daisy. A gal can only try. And I’ve already expressed how I feel about an amazing homemade chocolate cookie time and time again. I’ve already stocked up on such flavours as Vanilla Macadamia Nut, Hazelnut Macadamia and a Coconut Caramel Crunch. But the Chocolate is the best. I get so excited just thinking about my next cup. I’ve even got to the point of sniffing a bag when no one is looking. You could even order it online and they will ship it for free to you. I’m addicted. – CS xx

So, what makes you tick? CS xx


Kauai Coffee Company

Restroom Art

Ricky The Rooster


Beach Hair Overboard.

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I have naturally curly and wavy hair.  Or as I like to call it – Unruly.  When I was younger  I always wanted it to be straight, the grass always seemed greener. I blame Bay Watch for that. Seriously, these women “bounced” around the beach, hair shining with lustre from the ocean breeze. It danced in the air! (slow motion was even better)…..This was beach hair. I got hit with the curl burst through puberty (Uggg!), I learned to accept that these unruly curly waves of mine were a force of nature, something that has just contributed to my personality and charm…of course.  My routine – After I wash it I’ll put some product in, never a curl enhancer because I’d look like Annie , Curly Sue, or even Lionel Richie .

(Insert my face here)

Next, I apply a texturizing or  straightening balm so my hair dries loose and tousled instead of tight and curly. After it dries (I usually sleep on it) I’ll lightly re-curl strands to make it smooth and manageable. There! Now you know my secret.  I must admit, while on vacation it is freeing to just let it go au natural. I swear by Kevin Murphy & Davines hair products. Hair care products are like shopping for a pair of jeans. You have to try on a variety of different ones in order for you to find the perfect fit. And not every pair fits the same. This goes for hair too. What may work for your friend with the lustrous mane may not work for you. I’ve probably tried every product out there and have leaned towards more natural products. Gladly  I’ve found my match.

Experience From A Hair-ologist (me)

When in another city or climate your hair does wondrous or freaky things. Think about how you feel when you have to get adjusted to a new city. Your routine may change, your emotions swing and so on and etc. Well think about your hair. Your hair has to get used to it all too. Don’t deny that it doesn’t have a personality of its own. For myself, the combination of saltwater and sun leaves my hair as curly as can be and I just can’t fight this. I actually like it because it seals my hair, leaving it shiny, frizz free and conditioned. Thank you mother nature hair. To be honest I don’t even try to go against the grain because it just won’t behave. It’s like an 17-year-old going to the bar for the first time. WILD & CRAZY. I’ve come to terms that I’m not going to ever have that Pantene look, but what I do know for sure is that I’ll always have “my look” and no one can take that away from me. Well, a pair of scissors but that’s a different story.

These are a few of my favourite be beachy, wavy, unruly natural looks. Aloha! – CS xx

Beachy . Wavy. Unruly. Au Natural

The Messy , The Natural, The Fishtail

The messy up-do bun

Beach Hair - Kevin Murphy ALOHA


Mind Your Manners.

– Simple Rants From An Italian Girl

“Take your elbows off the table”, my grandmother would say to me when I was ….. a couple of years ago. It’s a simple table manner we should all follow and since I’m young enough to know,  I really should play by the table manner rules. I have  a habit of resting my hands in my face as if to pose for a grade 2 picture. (If I had that picture I would insert it here) Nowadays when I find myself falling into grade 2 poses, I place my hands in my lap and fold them like a proper Italian gal should. I think I got away with a lot because of this mischievous smile circa kindergarten.

Kindergarden Babe.

Here are a few observations that I’ve noticed while working in the service industry (yes…us actors gotta do what we gotta do to put some buns on the table.)

Mind Your Manners 

1. technological devices – Put your iPhones , laptops, and all things electronic off the table because if I spill some water on them…I will not take the blame. You try carrying a tray of drinks in one hand and a water jug in the other…something is likely to slip and if you don’t want me falling onto your lap then you may want to tuck your trinkets in your Gucci bags.

2. technological devices part due – If you are dining with a friend, partner, lover, mistress etc…. put your phone away! Seriously, there is nothing more entertaining than watching a couple on a “date” where one person is staring off into space thinking about last nights episode of MAD MEN, while their phone addicted friend, partner, lover, mistress etc… are probably tweeting about how boring their date is with you.

3. kleenex – Take your dirty kleenex with you. Seriously, unless its part of my tip. Then again, thank you very much for your booger infested tissue but I can really get my own. So take it, and take the few pennies that were at the bottom of your purse. I’m really ok. I may be an artist but I’m doing just fine without your pennies unless they are for good luck!

4. the Hand Wave – You wave at me, snap your finger at me or yell, “I’m ready to order” you can be sure that I will ignore you for a good 5 minutes. I will. Trust me. I will go to the back and just stand there watching you look around for another one of my associates to snap at. And if there is no clock (which there usually is) I will count sheep. By  that time hopefully you will understand what happened.

5. closing Time– Trick question: If a restaurant closes at **10, 11 or even 12 would you come in and dine ten minutes to? I’ll just give you that answer, NO.

6. the Leg Sprawl – You may be used to sprawling your legs out in front of the couch, TV tray in lap and watching re-runs of Three’s Company but in a restaurant, at the table, mind your legs because I will trip over them. Ladies, please mind the purse straps. I am a clumsy individual, it’s part of my charm but I wouldn’t want to be part of the table fixture.

7. know What Restaurant You Are Dining In – Need I say more?

8. know What You Ordered. – Again, that’s a given.

9. say, “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU“. It takes less thank 2 seconds to say. And we all have these words in our vocabulary. They are outstanding words!

10. outside Food. When you bring cookies in from another store and you are displaying them on the table, please offer one to me. I love homemade chocolate chip anything. Its rude if you don’t.

Spring Is In The Air

Birds chirping. Wafts of ocean air. Coffee. late night laughter. Patio season. Cherry blossoms and spring time shoes. Mariachi.

Pastels. Flowy dresses. tulips. bright nail polish. HBO. Gelato. Tequila and lemon. Unruly Hair. Late night chats. Hellos.

Yoga. Music. ukulele. Paint splatters. Vacation. Rejuvenation. Vanilla oil. Acting out. Sweat. Bright lips. Magazines.

Beach time. Dress up. Hot nights. Vespa. Bicycle. Run. Walk on two feet. piano keys. Gelato. Dancing. Beets.

Strawberry. Flowers. Juice. Markets. People. Hula Hooping. Suntan. Rainbows. Sailboats. Crafts.

Sweet. Time. Everyday. Kiss.

These are a few of my favourite things.

opening ceremony