Bridesmaids gone wrong.

Do you ever have those nights where you plan something and then those plans totally flip unexpectedly? I had one of those on Saturday night. My man and I were going to go on a date night….Tojo’s (I have yet to be) and then off to see Bridesmaids. After getting home from an action packed hour at Costco (never go on a Saturday)…we decided to forgo Tojo as we both felt a bit off (and I don’t think sushi would have done the trick to feel better). Instead we opted for homemade chicken soup and Bridesmaids. After arriving at the theatre I suddenly felt nauseous seeing the lineups and could throw up at the thought of having to sit in the front row (my worst movie nightmare). I was a bit bummed because I was thinking about this movie all week BUT was relieved to not sit in a jam-packed theatre. I don’t enjoy it as much as settling in to a matinée where you have more breathing space or at night when it’s full but not so packed that you are forced to the front row! NIGHTMARE!!  So, I’ve decided to wait until the hype is over. I remember seeing the SEX AND THE CITY films in packed theatre and was so annoyed at the teeny boppers dressed up like a group of hoochies heading out to da club squealing at absolutely everything….OR maybe I was just annoyed at the fromageness of the script. Good lord tell me you agree. It should have stopped at the first movie. Anyhoo my point was…we discovered something else that interesting, the chinese night market! It was fun to walk around the kiosks, trying some shrimp dumplings and chicken skewers and enjoying the people watching and of course the company. I even went to the library (I’m a library nerd) and rented “Chaplain”. Sometimes the unexpected can be just what you need. – Christina XO

Someone got a little too excited over the DUMPLINGS.

"Mmmmm Dumplings...nom nom  nom".“Mmmm dumplings..nom nom nom”.

Ooodles of people.

Me likey China Town.

Uh no comment. Actually…AMAZING character shoes!


geek glasses.

I’m a huge fan of geek glasses…it’s the geek in me. But I have yet to find a pair that suits my face, so for the time being I purchased a pair to wear around my neck! I found this geek chic glasses necklace (that’s a mouthful) at one of my favourite South Granville boutiques, “Oliver and Lily” this past week. They came in silver, black, and gold. I opted for the silver and love this charming piece of jewelry. If I haven’t found a pair for my face…Why not for my neck? And if I really feel like getting crazy, I can always try to wear them…but for some reason I think they will be a little too small. They were compared to Kate Spade’s “Nerd Glasses Necklace” during fashion week…BUT I’m pretty sure these were more than half the price! Everyone love’s a geek…at least I do. – Christina XO

My Geek Glasses.

Kate Spades Geek Glasses.


Your Song

A friend of mine came over last night and told me to check out this English singer/songwriter, Ellie Goulding. I immediately fell in love with her sweet voice and her quirky beauty. She covered Elton Johns, “Your Song”. Her version almost brought tears to my ears. What a cutie! Check her out! – Christina XO


private dancer and other tid bits.

I don’t think I’m the only one who does this. Wakes up…morning routine….cup o java….crank the tunes (ie. Pat Benatar) and have a dance party for 1 to wake the ol body, mind and soul up (Or maybe I am). Seriously! This is one of my favorite activities to do. Sometimes I’ll even be in cleaning mode, make my apartment spick and span, buy some flowers for myself (I think it’s very important to do), pump up the volume and dance dance. I consider this the ala Tina Turner moment, “Private Dancer”….until of course my creepy neighbour sees me. That’s when I immediately whip the blinds shut considering I always see the silhouette of a camera through his window. YIKES! I hope he is not a voyeur. Anytime you feel a bit stressed, creatively blocked or have a zillion and 3 things on your mind try it…for a good 15 minutes (or more). DO IT! It’s FUN!!!!

And other fun tid bits and news. New spring nail polish purchased this week. My all time favorite brand, ESSIE. This one is called “e-nuf is e-nuf”. Perfect for short nails. I feel ALIVE and sexy in this color! I bought it for $9.99 instead of $11.99. Saved $2 and bought a coffee instead. So really didn’t save anything. But mmmm coffee.

The Gastown Hop Shop is this week!!!  I await this occasion every year. Discounts and social times at a variety of local Gastown shops. My all time favorite area in the city. I especially can’t wait to stop by One Of A Few/Two Of A Few, Nouvelle Nouvelle, and Dream (just to name a few of my favorites). I’m in saving mode…but sometimes one has to break their resolution(s).

Buy yourself some flowers this weekend! OR better yet buy your mamma some flowers to show her you love her! I LOVE YOU MOM!

I cleaned out my closet this past week. A bag for consignment and a few for the salvation army. I came across my gold heels that I already forgot I bought about a month ago for a wedding I was in. These goldies were a hit! I wanted a pair that was vintage inspired and was not going to settle until I found them. For $35 dollars I was a very happy camper. Thank you Deluxe Junk.  I think forgetting you have a specific pair of shoes is a reminder that I have way too many of them. But I’m not complaining, a gal can never have too many shoes. I’m very excited to pair these with my favorite skinny jeans and take these babies out for a night.

Alright….Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy Mother’s Day MOM. Remember when the going get’s tough or you just want to let it all out DANCE! A little Tina Turner for you ….- Christina XO


The Fascinating Fascinator Hat.

I’ve always been fascinated with hats from a young age. They are like a pair of shoes, you can never have too many and you always feel different in whichever one you wear. Weather its a ball cap, fedora, bolero, sun hat or even a visor. From a young age, I admired my grandmothers hats. She wore them with class, style and carried herself with grace. I’m more of a clutz. But a graceful clutz if you will. She had a vast collection where most lay preciously in their hat boxes. I inherited a few of them that are very special to me but none of them come close to the fascinator hat. I really am fascinated with the fascinator hat and have yet to sport one. And why not!? If princess Beatrice of York can so can I! Somewhere…someday…maybe in the next show of mine. But for now I’ll admire it from afar. Modern fascinators are generally made with feathers, beads or flowers and attach to the hair with a comb, clip or headband (I’ve sported a few of these). Now some tid bits on the fascinator hat.

A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery. The word originally referred to a fine, lacy head covering akin to a shawl made from wool or lace. The term had fallen almost into disuse by the 1970’s. In the early 21st century, the term made a comeback, but the meaning has slightly changed; it is now used to describe a delicate, slightly to very frivolous head decoration worn almost exclusively by women. A fascinator may be worn instead of a hat to occasions where hats were traditionally worn-such as weddings-or as an evening accessory, when it may be called a cocktail hat. It is generally worn-such as weddings-or as an evening accessory when it may be called a cocktail hat. It is generally worn with a fairly formal attire. (WIKIPEDIA). A few pics of some outlandish fascinator hats. Where’s yours? – Christina XO

Princess Beatrice, she looks like a character in a Tim Burton film.

Maybe not a fascinator hat but I love this hat! I bought it for my show, “WILD ROSE”. It was absolutely perfect!


Sunday Strollin.

Sunday was the perfect day for a stroll along the seawall. Do you ever have the urge to just throw on the ol iPod, listen to some favorite tunes and set your mind free? I do. All of the time. There is nothing better than just letting your mind go, take in the sunshine, the smell of the ocean, clean air and appreciating LIFE.

I am the queen of “TO DO” lists. As a matter of fact I love it. I love writing lists, using a date book, crossing out the days goals, the list of items I would like to buy,  highlighting the appointments I’ve made and at the end of the year flipping back to see all the while out, scribbles, doodles, and coffee dates! (my favorite). Everyday I take the time even for about 5 minutes to clear my mind, thank the universe for my accomplishments, be open to the unexpected, be grateful for all the family, friends and opportunities in my life. Oh! and set mini goals to accomplish for my week. I’m learning to take time out of my daily routines to be still and quiet  for a few minutes in my day. (which is hard for me to do sometimes) and not get down if I don’t get something done during the week or something doesn’t go the way I expected. For some reason it may be for the best. I think it’s important to find a place to stretch your thoughts. For me I like to clear my head  in the bathtub (you need bubbles though), sauna, or on the floor  laying on a yoga matt, closing my eyes and visualizing the big picture. I’ve learned to put the horse blinders on and eliminate the things I need not be around, or the things that make me anxious. I believe  everyone’s adventure is different and you are meant to BE in your moment and place, so I’m learning to appreciate it. I think that’s why it’s called, “Choose Your Own Adventure”. You can only take the steps towards shaping your path.  Every thought has the potential to become great and when your mind is clear its easier to do. So for me, a person whose mind is like a hamster on a wheel loves it when the hamster finally takes a nap or goes for a walk. So the next time you are feeling like you need to clear your head…don’t feel like you need to  run it off…..instead walk it out. And don’t forget your horse blinders. – Christina XO

Sunday Stroll.

I used to read these all of the time! HA! “Holy Shit Where Am I”. We’ve all felt this way at some point or another! EMBRACE THE SHIT!!!