Ah yes, I am a Scorpio. No, I’m nothing to be afraid of I promise. Possibly the mix of an Italian Scorpio could be bit firey or passionate for most but I’ve had no complaints yet. Plus, I’d rather be a little firecracker than a boring Betsy , pessimistic Patsy, or even a jaded Jim (I made those all up. Thank You.). I usually don’t read my horoscope every single day , I’m not one to rely on something telling me how my day is going to turn out, assume how I’m feeling or what I should be expecting in the following weeks. I’ve decided 2011 to be expectation free . Instead, I like to read it sporadically. If I’m in a certain mood, I’ll look it up and just see if it pertains to how I am feeling. If it does, I’m happy. If it doesn’t, I say, “What the hell do you know astrological sign!!!”. But, today I decided to do it. As I’m sipping my morning coffee, catching up on the latest news (or gossip), looking at  some peeps pictures on Facebook (We all do it!!!) I opened another window and googled my horoscope. And wouldn’t you know….this is exactly how I’ve been feeling. Except for the  plow into a car part. I’ve done that 3 too many times. Ooopsy Daisy. Well, that’s all folks! Back to my morning coffee, office hours have started…….at the kitchen table. – Christina XO

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

It’s very easy to fall into worry-mode or to feel a bit down or withdrawn from others. This “sobering reality” is a little dark cloud over most people today. Don’t worry about this. Someday you’ll look back on this and plow into a parked car.




rAiNY dIStrACTion.

All day I’ve been distracted and I blame the weather. I honestly don’t mind a rainy day… they are perfect days for sitting in my office a.k.a  the kitchen table (one can imagine) light some candles, put on some tunes and write. So I started to take advantage of it. That was my plan. Instead I wrote a bit, downloaded some tunes, surfed the net, cleaned, went to yoga, checked my hair, stared out the window and visualized a sunny beach. I started looking at some pictures of when I was in California, particularly Venice Beach. I love Venice. It was this time last year where I spent many o days taking in the smell of the ocean, the vitamin D, running along the ocean, character watching, listening to the sounds of the waves, enjoying happy hour and living like a local! It’s amazing where a picture will take you on a rainy afternoon. – Christina XO


“pATrick SwaYZE’s Ghost” – The Acting Class

Hey everyone! Check out Episode 3- “Patrick Swayze’s Ghost” in the The Acting Class series. This week, Victoria confronts Christina about her truancy. Calm looks back on his once-flourishing career. And Melissa is only twenty-seven years old. Stay tunes each week Wednesday afternoons on YOU TUBE. -Christina XO



moVie MarATHon

Lately, I’ve been bombarding my creative juices with a lot of movie watching and writing. I’m trying not to spend money and have become a hermit until the funds start flowing in again. My best friend the past couple of weekends has been my computer, the movie theatre (thank you Cineplex Odeon gift card) and my t.v. I’ve been catching up on old movies and dvd collections that I’ve been meaning to watch. This past weekend I watched all three Godfather’s. I’ve seen them when I was younger but have had the urge to re watch them and appreciate the amazing film making of Francis Ford Coppola. I must say the Italians know how to make a film. Then again, I am bias! I found this You tube clip of Al Pacino’s audition, the early days of his career and found it inspiring. A young unknown actor snubbed by the networks but admired and persisted by the director. Sometimes you just need to trust that when the role is right it’s right. – Christina XO




Some people are unaware of how they approach a situation or even a person thus lacking certain social skills leaving one to come off as an ass, idiot, imbecile or moran. So, think before you speak. This brings me to the definition of:

IGNORANCE is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). The word “ignorant” is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult. “Ignoramus” is commonly used in the UK and Ireland as a name of someone who is overwhelmingly ignorant.

Ignorance should be distinguished from stupidity, although both can lead to “unwise” acts. Also, if important information is available, one may fail to acquire it due to lack of intelligence (not realizing its importance, or not understanding it).

Nothing personal, just something I thought I’d put out there as food for thought. SIGH- Christina XO


The Acting Class- Episode 2: “biBle STudy gAng BANG”

Hey everyone! Episode 2 of the ACTING CLASS is up. Check out out: “Bible Study Gang Bang”: The class devolves into a therapy session. Christina and Irene discover they’ve both had relationships with the same man. Brant and Diana get sexual in front of the class. And Jane pulls a gun out of her tits.

CHECK IT OUT – Christina XO





I saw 127 hours over the weekend and it was pretty darn inspiring. Based on a true story, James Franco does an amazing job portraying real life mountain climber Aron Ralston who becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive. It’s a celebration of life and reminds us of the IMPORTANT things (Life . Love . Family . Health) and that the petty little things that we complain about serve us no purpose. I walked out of the theatre with tears saying to myself, “I AM GRATEFUL”. And even when I’m having a shitty day ! “I AM GRATEFUL”….. for that shitty day.  Cause things could be a whole lot worse.

Oh Hello.

When I walked out of the theatre I passed by this store window and started laughing. Who the hell dressed these poor mannequins? I have a soft spot for them. I don’t know why but I love mannequins. It’s honestly since I saw the movie, “Mannequin” with Kim Catrall. I feel like there is this underground mannequin world. Sometimes when I am in a store I just stare at them thinking they will come alive. I bet when the mall closes these ladies let loose! Let’s just hope they get changed before painting the town red. I think there names are Shirley and Irene. O.k then….It’s late (I’m writing this Sunday night) and I am  beyond tired….considering I am starting to fantasize about mannequins. But seriously ,What are they talking about? -Christina XO