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rare 1

WHAT IS A RARE LITTLE BIRD?  .  By Christina Sicoli

rare (rɛə) adj

1. not widely known; not frequently used or experienced; uncommon or unusual: a rare word.

ˈrareness n

lit·tle (lĭt′l)
adj. lit·tler or less (lĕs) also less·er (lĕs′ər), lit·tlest or least (lēst)
1. Small in size: a little dining room.

bird (bɜːd)
2. a person (usually preceded by a qualifying adjective, as in the phrases rare bird, odd bird, clever bird)

rARe little BirD (an educated guess)
she is an unusual or uncommon person (or thing) who illustrates the unique and individual characteristics less common in those who gravitate towards the norm. Sometimes naive and most times playful, she likes to do and think outside the box.  Observing all things of interest, her flare for rarity and oddity in humour, art, vintage, life, stuff, fashion, quirks, obsessions and people are her passions. A firecracker at heart, her petite demeanour, charisma, cheeky personality and slight temperament has often labelled her as a  “firecracker waiting to blow up” (a quote from her husband). Thankfully she doesn’t. She’s just got heart and zest for life. She’s simply a, “rare little bird making her way through life one step at a time” (a quote from her husband).


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