DID yoU hAve your OAT groATs today?

This is a great breakfast that will give you energy! (and possibly a run for the washroom). OAT GROATS. Here is a tid bit of information on the groats. They contain high-quality protein, seven B vitamins, calcium, fiber and unsaturated fats. I had a bowl before I ran the Harry Rosen 8k run for prostate cancer. I had so much energy !!!

Oat groats are whole, minimally processed oats. Because they have not been extensively processed, they retain a high nutritional value, and they can be used in a variety of ways. Many markets carry oat groats, often in the cereal section or in the bulk area, if the market sells things in bulk.

So before you go to that high energy booty camp training or a long run get your groats in your tummy. I usually make a larger batch so I have some for a few days.

– 1 cup of groats to 2 cups water .

– Throw some almond milk in, raisins, almonds, cinnamon, honey or stevia. (i don’t measure cause we all like it either sweeter or not. Use your own judgment and enjoy! – CS xo


A Tribute

This morning one of the most legendary actresses of Hollywood passed away, Elizabeth Taylor. We’ve all heard the sad news and most have posted a lovely picture of her on their Facebook status. May she be remembered for her humanitarian work, her passion for life, people, love, her amazing body of work, style icon and of course as an incredible human being. I always look up memorable quotes from people I admire. Here are a few from Elizabeth Taylor. It would have been nice to have a cup of tea with her and maybe in another 70 years we will. – Christina XO

“I feel very adventurous there are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them”

“It’s not the having, its the getting”

“I have a woman’s body and a child’s emotion”

“I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions”


fONDa noLIta

I craved fish tacos tonight. I could taste the savory cilantro, lemon, tomatoes and pepper sautéed over a succulent piece of fish. Then I was reminded of the restaurant Fonda Nolita that I ate at in NYC. I was attracted to Fonda Nolita’s white brick exterior that looks like a garage. Cement floored sleeve decked with whitewashed brick walls, palm trees, and picnic tables printed with backgammon/checker boards makes this a must eat destination in NYC. It’s an authentic Mexico-style community space  focusing on ultra-fresh eats, cold cervezas, and the kind of laid-back fun you want when surrounded by your peeps. You can play board games and watch movie screenings too!  It’s a taste of Mexico brought to NYC. So if you are in that area check it out! Oh! I was out of fish so I opted to make homemade chicken soup…for my soul- Christina XO

Fonda Nolita . 267 Elizabeth Street . NY . 10012 nr . Houston St.



gyPsy MarKET ViNtaGE

Monday – My day of errands took me to Gastown to one of my all time favourite boutiques, One Of  A Few. I get as excited as a little kid in a candy shop. Then again, I get excited in a candy shop too so that says a lot about me. Yes, I am a kid at heart. For the next 5 months at One Of A Few, Gypsy Market Vintage is featured in the Pop Up Shop. Friday they launched it with a bang! (Unfortunately I missed the cupcakes and cointreauversial punch) but I made it over the weekend and it was nice to have the shoppe to myself. Tee hee hee. Each week new finds will be brought in and each week I think I will have to make a little trip on my “errand day”. Downstairs you have clothing and accessories from independent designers and upstairs an array of vintage, a perfect match made in Christina heaven. As a matter of fact mixing vintage with new pieces is my style and when things are a bit mismatched even better. The perfect cookie cutter outfit does not catch my eye. The first word to my mind is BORING. I bought a few items and am especially excited about my vintage leather purse/bag. I can use it for business and I can use it for pleasure. So go visit and treat yourself! Cause I know I will again! and again! ………and again. – Christina XO


ePisODe 13 The Acting Class

Well everyone! The finale of The Acting Class is up! We had a blast shooting it and I am excite for what is to come. I hope you all enjoyed and had a fun time peeking into the acting class. – Christina XO

EPISODE 12 “Wrap Party”

Irene wraps it up with the man in her life. Vic reveals why he has a girl’s name. And the class has a surprise visitor.

“Massage train behind me!” — Christina