don’t be stupid.

“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”

-Marilyn Monroe


sizzle in my city.

Summa summa summa time. 5 favorite things about summer GO?

1. Reading/people watching at the Beach.

2. Swimming at the beach.

3. Sangria on the beach.

4. Summer dresses then to the beach.

5. Hanging with my peeps at the beach.


I love summer….everything about it. Some of my favorite memories of summer were spent in the backyard of my family home swimming and laying in the sun with my neighbour and besty, Julie from Seven Dollar Pants.  A summer spent eating water melon, chatting about life, listening to music and enjoying weekly family bbq.  Memories I will cherish forever.  Summer is awesome. The fact that people are actually smiling, in a better mood and sport sun-kissed skin. I said sun-kissed not orange broiled skin (wear your SPF) and if you go beyond 30 there is no point, your product is full of fillers and unwanted crap that you don’t need sinking into your skin. I got my facts from the real deal! When it’s the dreary winter months my mind is bombarded with palm trees. As a matter of fact I’d like to look for tropical wall paper so if anyone finds any let me know! I want to flee to a sunny HOT place to soak in the sun, sand, ocean waves and live in my bikini the entire time. But now that it’s finally summer, Why not stay in your very own city  when you can’t afford to flee? OR simply because it’s as beautiful than a far off destination? VANCOUVER =  stunning. The sun gleams off the mountains, the smell of the ocean is at your doorstep (and just a bike ride away), sail boats in the creek, gorgeous sunsets, biking along the seawall and an over all amazing vibe to breathe in. Some great summer cities found in the latest H&M magazine included; Vancouver, Dubai, Stockholm, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. WOW! I’ll take that especially if I’m living in the same category as Spain. But I have yet to go so who wants to take me in the fall??? Seriously. Who does? I can pack my bags in 10 -Christina XO

A few items I use to protect my skin. ALBA BOTANICALS

I’ll use AFTER SUN by VICHY to hydrate my sun kissed body.


pokaroo is back!

I’m back and admit I’ve been a bit of a Pokaroo as of late. But I’m writing now and it feels good to blog er out. First and for most Happy Canada Day weekend! I can’t believe it’s already July.  And if you’re living in Vancouver you probably can’t either. Maybe this just means we will have a long Indian summer. I took this picture  on Friday while  jogging along the seawall. Vancouver you are stunning to run with…..especially when you are sunny!

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to work  on Nick Cannon’s Nickelodeon TV Movie, RAGZ  directed by Billie Woodruff. It was an ABSOLUTE blast working with some amazing talent such as Vancouver’s own Zak Santiago, Robert Maloney, Keenan Tracey and Burkley Duffield as well as Nickelodeon stars, Keke Palmer, Max Schneider and Vancouver born, Avan Jogia. Thank you for a wonderful chance to LAUGH and play all day/night long. Stay tuned for a 2012 release date! And yes I dyed my hair crimson for the role. Had to put a bit more sass in  “Martha”!

I went to the Britney Spears concert July 1st. You ask “Why”? Well for $25.00 it was for pure entertainment value…And great character research if I don’t say so myself. I felt like I was at a Milli Vanilli concert watching a hot blonde woman going through the motions. She seemed vacant in her performance and her signature move, the head bop which entails one to bop their head from side to side repeatedly with very minimal dance moves was a bit too repetitive for someone who used to fully go all out on the stage. Instead, she mastered “the strut”. Strutting upstage, downstage with cut offs and bikini bras. I was mostly impressed with her extraordinary dancers, acrobats and ninja warriors. Yes….I said ninja warriors. And the fact that she could “ride” so frequently during one concert….And by ride I mean, a gigantic electric guitar, a swing, a motorcycle, a car, an Egyptian boat and a man.  Hey Ho!  Best part of the night, hanging with my friends, dancing in my seat and people watching. I was looking forward to “Circus” but she didn’t even “play it”…Oh well it’s Britney Bitch. But hey! I am always up for a good dance off. For those who know me let’s GO! “Till The World Ends” is at the top of the charts and yes… it is a dance a licious song among a slew of other Britney songs that will get you in the mood to dance, dance, dance.

The theme of her show was….

A few outfits from the night that I wouldn’t be caught in. EVER!

                                                                           The “Fluorescent bumble bee”

The “Under aged ________________ ” (you can fill it in)

The “Night-time negligee and embarrassed besty”

The “Upset I didn’t get a $45.00 t-shirt” girl

The “Yes, We’re hot ” girls.

I think I look pretty darn “cute a licious” ….Sure the heels could have been higher but that night my poor footsie’s would have hated me (call me grandma now). Speaking of grandma’s, a girl actually yelled to me, “Love your shoes” and I said, “Thanks…Believe it or now they were my grandmothers vintage heels!” And my friend turned to me and said, “That’s not cool”.  We both bursted out laughing. The timing was perfect and I felt like I was in grade 7…..And to be honest friends, my grandmother was one of the coolest people I know and had amazing style.  I own a lot of her vintage pieces that I LOVE. My dress is by “Motor Rocks” and is from One Of A Few in Gastown. You’ve seen me write about One Of A Few a many o zillion of times as it is one of my “GO TO” favorite stores when I am in the mood for a little treaty poo. I always find something unique and satisfying for my soul and style.  Plus I am the first one to admit I love supporting independent boutiques.

Oh! Here I am …just playing around at the cotton candy stand.

I’m always fascinated with Graffiti (I will do a blog on collections of photos that I’ve taken). I had a coffee with a pal on Saturday and then walked aimlessly downtown. This caught my eye….It was done after the riots.

It took me over an hour to make my morning espresso. First, I forgot to put the coffee in and after realizing that, I forgot to put the water in. Thinking it was taking forever to make, I realized through sleepy eyes and a fuzzy brain that I forgot to put the water in. I could have run out and bought an Americano for the time that was wasted  but instead I saved $2.00 and enjoyed a delicious Americano by yours truly. Mmmmmmm. Hope you had a great long weekend everyone! And hey!  HAPPY JULY 4th to my American friends – Christina XO