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It’s already Friday! Where did this week go??? It’s the last week of my vacation in amazing Kauai, Le sigh. And I’m not just using an adjective to describe this magical place. It is seriously amazing. I will be enjoying my last days of snorkelling, sun bathing (with loads of 30 sunscreen of course), people watching (wink wink nudge nudge), sipping on coconuts (pouring in Rum) and eating healthy glorious organic fresh food, which I will continue to do so as well.

Glorious Kauai

FRANNY is coming for ya!

Saysha Out!


Check out this brand new exciting and FUNNY comedy web series called inSAYSHAble. A few links about the show (1) inSAYSHAble   (2) inSAYSHAble  created by my dear friend actor/writer Amy Matysio and written by Amy Matysio with Christina Sicoli (that’s me) , Arlen Konopaki, Robert Appleby and directed by Jeff Beesley (Corner Gas, Dolan’s Cadillac). I play Franny, Saysha’s Italian firecracker of a best friend (not a stretch to play) . Please support Canadian Made. So much talent in this show and I am so proud to have collaborated on it. It premieres MAY 9th. Mark your calendars and get some toilet paper you may just pee your pants a lil bit. Check it! Let us know what you think! 

Also, Check out 60 Second Tips With Sicoli all at the same time on Funny Or Die and VOTE . I’ll also continue posting on Youtube

60 Second Tips With Sicoli

My boyfriend’s mother sent him this video. I thought it was pretty hilarious. Wow, if only my body could contort in all those positions. You’ll know what I mean when you take a peek….especially at 3:31. WOWOWOWOOWOWZA!

AND last but not least, the exclusive RAGS premiere’s  May 28, at 8 PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. It’s a Rags to Riches modern day Cinderella Story. I play “Martha”  and am stoked to see this show. I miss my red hair. Check out the exclusive world premiere  video, “Me And You Against The World”.



Have a safe and happy weekend! I’ll be sipping on some coconuts for ya. – CS xx


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