The Cardigan Chronicles.

Some people have a collection of cats, I have a collection of cardigans. There I said it. I love a good cardigan. From 1950’s styles to grandpa styles, from cropped styles to grandma styles, to oversized styles, to fitted styles, to a modern-day style cardigan you could say I have one (too many) for every season. Some vintage, some new. Either, or, there’s a warm sensation about throwing one over a tank and a pair of jeans, a v-neck and a skirt, a camisole and a pair of cut offs and saying to yourself (quietly) “I feel like a book-worm and I love it”. As a kid I would rummage through my parents closet and pull out my dad’s oversized grey knitted one with black buttons. No matter how big and worn it was I would walk around the house and pair it with my mom’s oversized heels. Not much has changed, except for the fact that I have now grown into those heels. In high school I would sport our uniform cardigan of black, white and green. But soon replace it with a cool knitted one that I thought suited my kilt more. Confidently prancing the hallways in MY dress code I felt cool that I, the stealth being that I am got away with personalizing my own look at a Catholic high school where we only had one “Out Of Uniform” a month. Not me. Until I’d hear a loud yell down the hallway from my principal, “Miss Sicoli, that’s not uniformed cardigan!”. “Yeah it – no it’s not. You’re right sir, I forgot it at home”. He would continue shaking his head. I’d continue pulling excuses out of my arse shuffling down the hallway and quickly taking it off. Good thing there was another corner to turn cause no one was gonna tell me what to do! I’d put it back on as soon as I’d be out of his sight. “Sucka”. Yes, I was a rebel. A rebel with a cardigan. You can never really have too many.  Even if you steal them from your father’s closet. – CS xx


From Old To New And A Fluorescent Shoe.

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A young baby smiled at me on transit the other day. I almost started crying. Maybe it was the innocence in his smile or the playfulness in his eyes. Then I was in Holt Renfrew (gimme a break they had a major sale on shoes) and almost bought a pair of Opening Ceremony sandals just because the older woman with the bright blue eyes, red hair, navy polka dot blouse and A line skirt was absolutely adorable in features and style. She kinda reminded me of my grandmother – soft-spoken, baby blues, style, grace, and the abundance of love that would seep out of her hugs and kisses. Except of course the lady did not hug or kiss me, that would have just been odd. My bank account was telling me not to buy them. My heart was saying do it, she was sweet and kind and took the time to find my size. I justified it in my mind for a few seconds, “Maybe she needs the money to buy her grandkids some shoes”, “you only live once!”, “These sandals will compliment your tan”, “you can just hide them, he won’t notice”. Regardless, I refrained from buying and realized it was her soft demeanour, sweet personality and soft eyes of experience that I was a sucker for. But obviously I couldn’t buy her. I mean really that would be ridiculous…….. Can  you buy an old person?  I made a big girl decision that day. I put my emotions aside and told myself, “You don’t need a pair of fluorescent orange sandals, although you would rock them like no tomorrow”. I just wanted to make small talk . And trust me, that’s a first. I walked away and held back tears. Not because I secretly wanted the sandals but because she hit the ol emotional button in my heart part. I have a soft spot for babies and old people. And maybe shoes. Ok shoes for sure. – CS xx

Opening Ceremony Fluorescent Sandals

Stylish Old Women.


Sun glasses, Sun dresses. Swimsuits Oh My!

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Summer is approaching and oh boy such choices in sandals, sunglasses and swimsuits this year. It’s a good thing I’m still on vacation because I’ve been living in the same swimsuit, sundress, pair of sunglasses and Havaianas for the past two weeks. A little over a week to go and I don’t think I’ll be wearing much more. NOTE TO SELF: When travelling destination Hawaii, you don’t need much. ADVICE: Pack a knapsack.

It’s always exciting to see the new styles, colours and look books that come out each year. I can’t help myself from strolling through my favourite shops and vintage stores like a kid in a candy store touching, smelling and wiping the drool from my lips over tasteful and delightful summery pieces of delicious wear. I am a sucker for anything unique, vintage and of course material worthy. There is nothing worse than buying a dress that is inexpensive but feels like starch.  As for sunglasses, I usually find it hard to find the perfect pair because my face is heart-shaped. In my in-depth analysis of heart-shaped faces and the perfect pair of sunglasses this has allowed me to wear what suits my face. Then there are sandals. Well, I am a sucker for anything on the feet so……  Here are a few of my favourites for the quirky, sexy, and fun.

Fan of the black rimmed. Cat eye. Aviator. Nerd.

Sahara Hotnights . Love .

MMMMM Aviator.

Swimsuit Special. I quite fancy the styles of the 50’s that are rocking 2012. I’ve got my eyes on you.


Rachel Comey Retro Swimwear 2012

LOVER the label. part 1 "white magnick"

LOVER the label part 2. "white magnick"

SAM EDELMAN "Javi" in salmon

SAM EDELMAN "Rella" in Black

A Mai-Tai Moment


Tis the season to be shop hopping.

Hello my lovelies! Ti’s the season to be shop hopping. What are your favourite stores to shop in? Strolling the streets of Vancouver and wandering into my favourite little boutiques is my weakness. I think Vancouver has some of the most amazing and unique shops to visit (and splurge in) I often shop locally and purchase from independent designers and vintage. This time of year is perfect for buying unique gifts for those you love. I always find something different and affordable cause really, at this age what do you buy for those who have everything they need? And for those who can buy their own items?…I’d say, Something small, something different, something they can use forever! Here are a few of my top favourite shops that sell unique and eclectic items by a variety of independent designers. Thank you for filling my retail therapy needs. – CS xx


1. ONE OF A FEW – 346 Water Street (Gastown)

2. Nouvelle Nouvelle209 Abbott St. 

3. Community Thrift and Vintage  – 41 West Cordova St. 

4.  The Fair  – 415 Abbott St. 

5. Oliver and Lilly’s – 1520 West 13th Ave

6. VIOLET BOUTIQUE – 1312 Granville St.

Fine Finds Boutique – 1014 Mainland St.

DREAM – 311 West Cordova




geek glasses.

I’m a huge fan of geek glasses…it’s the geek in me. But I have yet to find a pair that suits my face, so for the time being I purchased a pair to wear around my neck! I found this geek chic glasses necklace (that’s a mouthful) at one of my favourite South Granville boutiques, “Oliver and Lily” this past week. They came in silver, black, and gold. I opted for the silver and love this charming piece of jewelry. If I haven’t found a pair for my face…Why not for my neck? And if I really feel like getting crazy, I can always try to wear them…but for some reason I think they will be a little too small. They were compared to Kate Spade’s “Nerd Glasses Necklace” during fashion week…BUT I’m pretty sure these were more than half the price! Everyone love’s a geek…at least I do. – Christina XO

My Geek Glasses.

Kate Spades Geek Glasses.


The Fascinating Fascinator Hat.

I’ve always been fascinated with hats from a young age. They are like a pair of shoes, you can never have too many and you always feel different in whichever one you wear. Weather its a ball cap, fedora, bolero, sun hat or even a visor. From a young age, I admired my grandmothers hats. She wore them with class, style and carried herself with grace. I’m more of a clutz. But a graceful clutz if you will. She had a vast collection where most lay preciously in their hat boxes. I inherited a few of them that are very special to me but none of them come close to the fascinator hat. I really am fascinated with the fascinator hat and have yet to sport one. And why not!? If princess Beatrice of York can so can I! Somewhere…someday…maybe in the next show of mine. But for now I’ll admire it from afar. Modern fascinators are generally made with feathers, beads or flowers and attach to the hair with a comb, clip or headband (I’ve sported a few of these). Now some tid bits on the fascinator hat.

A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery. The word originally referred to a fine, lacy head covering akin to a shawl made from wool or lace. The term had fallen almost into disuse by the 1970’s. In the early 21st century, the term made a comeback, but the meaning has slightly changed; it is now used to describe a delicate, slightly to very frivolous head decoration worn almost exclusively by women. A fascinator may be worn instead of a hat to occasions where hats were traditionally worn-such as weddings-or as an evening accessory, when it may be called a cocktail hat. It is generally worn-such as weddings-or as an evening accessory when it may be called a cocktail hat. It is generally worn with a fairly formal attire. (WIKIPEDIA). A few pics of some outlandish fascinator hats. Where’s yours? – Christina XO

Princess Beatrice, she looks like a character in a Tim Burton film.

Maybe not a fascinator hat but I love this hat! I bought it for my show, “WILD ROSE”. It was absolutely perfect!


Happy Socks.

I am quite particular about my socks whether they be running socks, casual mid calf socks, knee-high socks, over the knee socks, tights or nylon socks. I’m particular about the material, the design, the colour, the texture and most importantly the quality. This year I have been slightly obsessed with “HAPPY SOCKS”.  Happy Socks are (by definition) “high quality socks. Since the cotton is combed before being spun into thread, the short fibres fall out, while the stronger and comfier long fibres stay in. The cotton is then woven in Italian knitting machines of the brand Lonati, famous for their high precision. The machines are computer controlled to ensure exact patterns, while the toe seams are sewn by hand to guarantee perfect fit. The hand linked toe seam ensures that there is no bulging overlap at the toe, but a perfectly smooth seam, making the sock fit your foot like a glove”.

There is nothing worse than buying a cheap pair of socks and 2 days later you have a hole in the heel. They don’t just come in black, navy, white, grey, BORING…They come in endless variety of models and designs, crossing a wide spectrum of colour combinations, materials and textures. Simply put: a pair of high-quality socks for every occasion, mindset and style. So the next time you need a pair of socks…..look out for Happy Socks! I guarantee they will make you smile. – Christina 🙂