Beach Hair Overboard.

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I have naturally curly and wavy hair.  Or as I like to call it – Unruly.  When I was younger  I always wanted it to be straight, the grass always seemed greener. I blame Bay Watch for that. Seriously, these women “bounced” around the beach, hair shining with lustre from the ocean breeze. It danced in the air! (slow motion was even better)…..This was beach hair. I got hit with the curl burst through puberty (Uggg!), I learned to accept that these unruly curly waves of mine were a force of nature, something that has just contributed to my personality and charm…of course.  My routine – After I wash it I’ll put some product in, never a curl enhancer because I’d look like Annie , Curly Sue, or even Lionel Richie .

(Insert my face here)

Next, I apply a texturizing or  straightening balm so my hair dries loose and tousled instead of tight and curly. After it dries (I usually sleep on it) I’ll lightly re-curl strands to make it smooth and manageable. There! Now you know my secret.  I must admit, while on vacation it is freeing to just let it go au natural. I swear by Kevin Murphy & Davines hair products. Hair care products are like shopping for a pair of jeans. You have to try on a variety of different ones in order for you to find the perfect fit. And not every pair fits the same. This goes for hair too. What may work for your friend with the lustrous mane may not work for you. I’ve probably tried every product out there and have leaned towards more natural products. Gladly  I’ve found my match.

Experience From A Hair-ologist (me)

When in another city or climate your hair does wondrous or freaky things. Think about how you feel when you have to get adjusted to a new city. Your routine may change, your emotions swing and so on and etc. Well think about your hair. Your hair has to get used to it all too. Don’t deny that it doesn’t have a personality of its own. For myself, the combination of saltwater and sun leaves my hair as curly as can be and I just can’t fight this. I actually like it because it seals my hair, leaving it shiny, frizz free and conditioned. Thank you mother nature hair. To be honest I don’t even try to go against the grain because it just won’t behave. It’s like an 17-year-old going to the bar for the first time. WILD & CRAZY. I’ve come to terms that I’m not going to ever have that Pantene look, but what I do know for sure is that I’ll always have “my look” and no one can take that away from me. Well, a pair of scissors but that’s a different story.

These are a few of my favourite be beachy, wavy, unruly natural looks. Aloha! – CS xx

Beachy . Wavy. Unruly. Au Natural

The Messy , The Natural, The Fishtail

The messy up-do bun

Beach Hair - Kevin Murphy ALOHA