pokaroo is back!

I’m back and admit I’ve been a bit of a Pokaroo as of late. But I’m writing now and it feels good to blog er out. First and for most Happy Canada Day weekend! I can’t believe it’s already July.  And if you’re living in Vancouver you probably can’t either. Maybe this just means we will have a long Indian summer. I took this picture  on Friday while  jogging along the seawall. Vancouver you are stunning to run with…..especially when you are sunny!

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to work  on Nick Cannon’s Nickelodeon TV Movie, RAGZ  directed by Billie Woodruff. It was an ABSOLUTE blast working with some amazing talent such as Vancouver’s own Zak Santiago, Robert Maloney, Keenan Tracey and Burkley Duffield as well as Nickelodeon stars, Keke Palmer, Max Schneider and Vancouver born, Avan Jogia. Thank you for a wonderful chance to LAUGH and play all day/night long. Stay tuned for a 2012 release date! And yes I dyed my hair crimson for the role. Had to put a bit more sass in  “Martha”!

I went to the Britney Spears concert July 1st. You ask “Why”? Well for $25.00 it was for pure entertainment value…And great character research if I don’t say so myself. I felt like I was at a Milli Vanilli concert watching a hot blonde woman going through the motions. She seemed vacant in her performance and her signature move, the head bop which entails one to bop their head from side to side repeatedly with very minimal dance moves was a bit too repetitive for someone who used to fully go all out on the stage. Instead, she mastered “the strut”. Strutting upstage, downstage with cut offs and bikini bras. I was mostly impressed with her extraordinary dancers, acrobats and ninja warriors. Yes….I said ninja warriors. And the fact that she could “ride” so frequently during one concert….And by ride I mean, a gigantic electric guitar, a swing, a motorcycle, a car, an Egyptian boat and a man.  Hey Ho!  Best part of the night, hanging with my friends, dancing in my seat and people watching. I was looking forward to “Circus” but she didn’t even “play it”…Oh well it’s Britney Bitch. But hey! I am always up for a good dance off. For those who know me let’s GO! “Till The World Ends” is at the top of the charts and yes… it is a dance a licious song among a slew of other Britney songs that will get you in the mood to dance, dance, dance.

The theme of her show was….

A few outfits from the night that I wouldn’t be caught in. EVER!

                                                                           The “Fluorescent bumble bee”

The “Under aged ________________ ” (you can fill it in)

The “Night-time negligee and embarrassed besty”

The “Upset I didn’t get a $45.00 t-shirt” girl

The “Yes, We’re hot ” girls.

I think I look pretty darn “cute a licious” ….Sure the heels could have been higher but that night my poor footsie’s would have hated me (call me grandma now). Speaking of grandma’s, a girl actually yelled to me, “Love your shoes” and I said, “Thanks…Believe it or now they were my grandmothers vintage heels!” And my friend turned to me and said, “That’s not cool”.  We both bursted out laughing. The timing was perfect and I felt like I was in grade 7…..And to be honest friends, my grandmother was one of the coolest people I know and had amazing style.  I own a lot of her vintage pieces that I LOVE. My dress is by “Motor Rocks” and is from One Of A Few in Gastown. You’ve seen me write about One Of A Few a many o zillion of times as it is one of my “GO TO” favorite stores when I am in the mood for a little treaty poo. I always find something unique and satisfying for my soul and style.  Plus I am the first one to admit I love supporting independent boutiques.

Oh! Here I am …just playing around at the cotton candy stand.

I’m always fascinated with Graffiti (I will do a blog on collections of photos that I’ve taken). I had a coffee with a pal on Saturday and then walked aimlessly downtown. This caught my eye….It was done after the riots.

It took me over an hour to make my morning espresso. First, I forgot to put the coffee in and after realizing that, I forgot to put the water in. Thinking it was taking forever to make, I realized through sleepy eyes and a fuzzy brain that I forgot to put the water in. I could have run out and bought an Americano for the time that was wasted  but instead I saved $2.00 and enjoyed a delicious Americano by yours truly. Mmmmmmm. Hope you had a great long weekend everyone! And hey!  HAPPY JULY 4th to my American friends – Christina XO


gyPsy MarKET ViNtaGE

Monday – My day of errands took me to Gastown to one of my all time favourite boutiques, One Of  A Few. I get as excited as a little kid in a candy shop. Then again, I get excited in a candy shop too so that says a lot about me. Yes, I am a kid at heart. For the next 5 months at One Of A Few, Gypsy Market Vintage is featured in the Pop Up Shop. Friday they launched it with a bang! (Unfortunately I missed the cupcakes and cointreauversial punch) but I made it over the weekend and it was nice to have the shoppe to myself. Tee hee hee. Each week new finds will be brought in and each week I think I will have to make a little trip on my “errand day”. Downstairs you have clothing and accessories from independent designers and upstairs an array of vintage, a perfect match made in Christina heaven. As a matter of fact mixing vintage with new pieces is my style and when things are a bit mismatched even better. The perfect cookie cutter outfit does not catch my eye. The first word to my mind is BORING. I bought a few items and am especially excited about my vintage leather purse/bag. I can use it for business and I can use it for pleasure. So go visit and treat yourself! Cause I know I will again! and again! ………and again. – Christina XO


lily + jae

Last night I had a blast at the launch of the lily + jae POP UP SHOP! at one of my all time favorite Gastown boutique, One Of A Few. Owned and operated by the lovely and very adorable Michelle Rizzardo who joined together with Vancouver designer Jude Feller of lily + jae. A favorite local designer of mine, lily +  jae offers feminine and masculine styles to create a flirtatious line of contemporary women’s wear. CONFESSION: I almost got hit by a car running across the street as I tried to contain my excitement for the clothing and accessory festivities. Luckily I’m a fast runner because I made it in the nick of time….Although I did miss a goodie bag. Sigh. I was pleasantly welcomed into a pact store where I found myself bombarded by racks of clothing, hungry fashionista’s,  Dj sincerely Hana cranking tunes, photographers snapping pictures and cupcakes and wine! Oh My! Oh My!  YUMMMMMY. I bought a few amazing pieces from their Vintage Rack from deals as low as  $5. HEAVEN! GUILT FREE shopping. WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO. Stay tuned on a post from One Of A Few and Michelle Rizzardo!- Christina xo
This was the scrumptious invite:

LILY+JAE and ONE OF A FEW would like to invite you to join the launch of the lily+jae POP UP SHOP!!

Sample Rack-lily+jae samples from the past 6 seasons.
Vintage Rack-See what inspires the designer and take it home.
Deals Rack-A fantastic selection of sale items starting as low as$9.99
New Arrivals-Be the first to see the all new Autumn 2010 collection.

All ONE OF A FEW merchandise 25% off and TWO OF A FEW footwear 20% off for one evening only!

SURPRISE BAGS for the first 30 guests!

COMPLIMENTARY wine and cupcakes while you shop.

Your very favourite golden girl: Dj SINCERELY HANA!