Fall into the little things.

I hope everyone had a maaavelous fall weekend. I love this time of year…crisp air,  the colour of the leaves, my birthday, switching from summertime dresses to fall time boots and cozy knit sweaters. I said switching, I didn’t necessarily say buying. But hey! If it happens, it happens. In my case, it happens. But whose gonna judge my amazing knit shall? Possibly my bank account, but this is my birth month so I have an excuse. Did I mention my obsession with all things feet?  (except mine of course). My dream of pursuing a career as a foot model has been crushed. It’s a good think I can cover them with tasteful treats.

I’m loving all things Rachel Comey , especially these boots that are on my wish list. I may need a few more bookings for them but I do believe in buying a durable pair of boots that will last you forever. And I love supporting independent designers.

Who loves walking through the leaves? A perfect fall day  awakens the soul.  I am obsessed with taking pictures of leaves. I just love the colours and the way they sway in the wind. There is this eeriness in the air….kinda like Halloween all the time. And here’s a tip! if you have a hard time waking up…stand in the street first thing in the morning and let the wind just blow on your face. (It works).

 For Halloween I was in San Fran travelling back to Vancouver. So as you can see I was a “tough girl in a skull bodysuit (thank you Betsy Johnson) with a leather jacket. BOOM! Scary. I wanted to be a vampire girl (again) but I forgot my teeth and I like garlic way too much, so it kinda defeats the purpose.

Sitting in a cafe with a friend or by your lonesome with  a warm, soothing cup of java makes for a yummalicious perk me up. I get a burst of instant satisfaction by holding a cup of coffee in my hands. There is something very comforting  and simple about it. I was in San Francisco enjoying this perfect Americano on an Italian cafe patio. I heart San Francisco….and their Americano’s.

I heart Movember. Not only is it  for an excellent cause,  I am being a bit selfish in admitting that I love a man with a moustache. Some woman frown upon it, I on the other hand encourage it… during any month.  These are a few of my favourite moustached men.

It’s really just the little things. – Christina



I met my friend at GENE CAFE yesterday on Main Street. Aside from the gal at the counter viciously piling up the dish wear by our ears, it is by far one of my favorite places for an Americano. I don’t drink tons of coffee, but I usually make my own Americano once a day on the stove top. First thing in the morning, the smell of fresh Italian beans (I’m biased) grinded to perfection. YUM to the MY. But of course when I am out and about I love to treat myself to an Americano. There is something about sitting at a cafe with it, reading or writing in your own space or walking around the city with one. I think it’s comforting and is a perfect partner for strolling with on a cold day. I’m not saying it should replace your partner but you get my drift.

Everyone has their favorite place and my top 5 favorite places for a delicious Americano are:






Where is yours? – Christina XO



The other morning I ran some errands on South Granville before heading to work. I dread the bank like one dreads the dentist. Thank the lord there was still some green in my account. Phew! So, I treated myself to a delicious Americano and made my way to Shoppers Drug Mart for my last shop stop. All you women out there (not to center you out guys) will appreciate and understand the inconvenience of running out of your womanly products all at once.  Not only is it annoying, it’s costly. BUT –  It’s worth it when you need that roll of toilet paper plus the latest issue of Vogue and Entertainment Weekly. For a second  I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice to win some money? This way I wouldn’t feel guilty buying so many things (not the toilet paper) but the things that I could let slide but won’t. As I resumed to the check out line something distracted me. That’s when I saw it.  A shiny pink and black scratch and win ticket with the words, “YOU COULD WIN A TRIP TO NEW YORK PLUS $5,000. TOP PRIZE $50.000. And it was a SEX AND THE CITY ticket so I couldn’t resist.  My heart was racing! Being a huge fan (Minus SATC 2. That was Gawd awful. But that’s besides the point) I had to buy a ticket. I was feeling lucky!  So an extra $3.00 later I was winning that trip to New York City! Maybe I wouldn’t come back! I was going on a shopping spree with my BFF!  $50.000 was paying off all of my debt! I’d donate some it to charity ! Buy another pair of Louboutin shoes….go on a yoga retreat….take some workshops….Cosmopolitans for everyone in the store!  I had a plan….I was going to WIN!……$9.00.

Sigh….(deep breath)

On the bright side, it’s $9.00 I didn’t have before.  And I was happy. O.k a bit bummed out but It can buy me 3 more tickets….Or some produce at the market. I’ll have to decide. Today is a brand new day and I’m $9.00 richer. -Christina