Sun glasses, Sun dresses. Swimsuits Oh My!

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Summer is approaching and oh boy such choices in sandals, sunglasses and swimsuits this year. It’s a good thing I’m still on vacation because I’ve been living in the same swimsuit, sundress, pair of sunglasses and Havaianas for the past two weeks. A little over a week to go and I don’t think I’ll be wearing much more. NOTE TO SELF: When travelling destination Hawaii, you don’t need much. ADVICE: Pack a knapsack.

It’s always exciting to see the new styles, colours and look books that come out each year. I can’t help myself from strolling through my favourite shops and vintage stores like a kid in a candy store touching, smelling and wiping the drool from my lips over tasteful and delightful summery pieces of delicious wear. I am a sucker for anything unique, vintage and of course material worthy. There is nothing worse than buying a dress that is inexpensive but feels like starch.  As for sunglasses, I usually find it hard to find the perfect pair because my face is heart-shaped. In my in-depth analysis of heart-shaped faces and the perfect pair of sunglasses this has allowed me to wear what suits my face. Then there are sandals. Well, I am a sucker for anything on the feet so……  Here are a few of my favourites for the quirky, sexy, and fun.

Fan of the black rimmed. Cat eye. Aviator. Nerd.

Sahara Hotnights . Love .

MMMMM Aviator.

Swimsuit Special. I quite fancy the styles of the 50’s that are rocking 2012. I’ve got my eyes on you.


Rachel Comey Retro Swimwear 2012

LOVER the label. part 1 "white magnick"

LOVER the label part 2. "white magnick"

SAM EDELMAN "Javi" in salmon

SAM EDELMAN "Rella" in Black

A Mai-Tai Moment