The Lucky Dumpster.

Over the long weekend I had the pleasure of packing it up  and staying at a cabin in Washington state. It was awesome. It’s always amazing when you forget about your daily “TO DO’S” (which I am the first one to admit I am awful at). While enjoying a ton o laughs I slathered on the suntan lotion, swam in the lake, read a few magazines, did an interpretive dance to MJ’s “Thriller” and strolled through the tiny quaint town of Edison. Here, antique shops and small businesses are by far lucky gems scattered throughout this town. Speaking of lucky, I stumbled across The Lucky Dumpster. Like a kid in a candy store or simply in Sicoli fashion I touched, smelled, picked up, sat on, shook, tapped, and darted my eyes around every which way until I found what I was looking for. I could have bought everything (if I had a VISA) but of course had to be realistic. Not everything was gong to fit in the ol Hyundai.

This treasure chest of goodies is owned and operated by James Reisen and Jessica Bonin, a quirky and very talented couple (they are in the band called, The Daffodils)  who sell original and moderately priced artwork. And if you are looking for restored work this is the place! The Lucky Dumpster is really a jewel. I was inspired and found a few vintage finds as well as recycled  art items. It is one of those stores where every inch is packed with a unique find. James and Jessica are absolutely wonderful and their store is full of charm and in the words of  Mark Wahlberg, “Good vibrations”.  I was on the hunt for an antique vanity and was ecstatic to  find a few pieces that allowed me to build it on my own. D.I.Y if you will. I literally created a vintage beauty salon in my home office. So if you visit this quirky town of Edison filled with coffee shops, bakery’s, art gallery’s, go and support The Lucky Dumpster. Even if it’s for a cheery chat. – CS xx

For those who know me, I can fall asleep anywhere. This was after my interpretive “Thriller” dance.


Friday I’m In Love.

It’s Friday. Are you in love? I am. With a lot of things. I don’t think you ever stop learning the different levels of love. And as you get older they affect you even more. Maybe these are my hormones yapping away. Weather it’s with your significant other, friends, family, a crush (oh get real we all have em), or a new pair of  boots that you shouldn’t have bought. I love a sweet smile that makes my heart beat and a hug that tickles my spine. You have lust, romantic feelings, physical attraction (boom boom) and emotional attachment. The beauty of this recipe is that they blend to make one long stroke of love. It took me less than a minute for my heart to melt and my eyes to mist. This is the game of love. – CS xx

Young love is the sweetest . Old love is the deepest – unknown


Friday’s dance selection. I dare you to prance around and dance it off!


60 Seconds and then some.

60 Second Tips With Sicoli is up.

This Weeks Tip: How to Sew A Button On A Shirt…’s that simple.

I am soooooooo excited to see the latest Wes Anderson movie, “Moonrise Kingdom”. He is one of my all time favourite directors! It is my dream to be in a Wes Anderson film. So Wes, if you’re reading this…….

This film stars a brilliant cast of characters: Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand and of course Jason Schwartzman just to name a few. I love Anderson’s distinct style of movie making. Most of his films combine dry humor and flawed characters, this alone gives me goosebumps of joy as I am a HUGE fan of character driven films. I’m loving the style, colours, and esthetics of this film already. 

Saw this pic! Loved it so much I had to share. Sometimes you just need to belt out a tune….and even if it’s out of tune. As long as some noise is coming out of your mouth. Believe me, there is a lot of noise that comes out of my little body, I blame it on being Italian….or at least other’s have informed me of that!

Sing it Baby!


What are 3 great things you’ve done TODAY?

1. I worked on a project for a few hoursCREATIVITY

2. I got my yoga and sauna onEXERCISE

3. I made someone laugh – COMFORT

This seems like a nice thing to do.

The weekend is here…What are you going to do? I am in a serious mood to dance! JUST LIKE THIS.

Happy Weekend Everyone! Treat yourself to something fun  . special . nice . – CS XX