“My PaPa Says”….

I’m pretty darn excited to announce that I have unravelled another avenue of creativity and launched a  line of greeting cards under the brand RARE LITTLE BIRD entitled, “My Papa Says…” 
Based on my 89 year old grandfather, I’ve created these feel good cards inspired by images taken over the years and paired with his wise yet humorous quotes. Shared by one of the most classiest, wittiest and stylish men in my life, I wanted to create something special that signified our bond together. Whether it be visits in person or weekly Sunday night chats by phone they always leave me laughing, smiling and forever grateful. There’s no rhyme or reason. For any occasion a hand stamp phrase on the envelope says it all, “these cards are  just supposed to make you feel good”. – CS xx
A neighbourhood clothing shoppe.
1575 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1R1
Shoppe hours:
Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 – 6:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 5:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 4:00
ONE OF A FEW (January 2014) 
354 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1B6
Store hours:
Monday – Thursday 11:00 -6:00
Friday 11:00 – 7:00
Saturday 11:00 – 6:00
Sunday 11:00 – 5:00



Tis the season to be shop hopping.

Hello my lovelies! Ti’s the season to be shop hopping. What are your favourite stores to shop in? Strolling the streets of Vancouver and wandering into my favourite little boutiques is my weakness. I think Vancouver has some of the most amazing and unique shops to visit (and splurge in) I often shop locally and purchase from independent designers and vintage. This time of year is perfect for buying unique gifts for those you love. I always find something different and affordable cause really, at this age what do you buy for those who have everything they need? And for those who can buy their own items?…I’d say, Something small, something different, something they can use forever! Here are a few of my top favourite shops that sell unique and eclectic items by a variety of independent designers. Thank you for filling my retail therapy needs. – CS xx


1. ONE OF A FEW – 346 Water Street (Gastown)

2. Nouvelle Nouvelle209 Abbott St. 

3. Community Thrift and Vintage  – 41 West Cordova St. 

4.  The Fair  – 415 Abbott St. 

5. Oliver and Lilly’s – 1520 West 13th Ave

6. VIOLET BOUTIQUE – 1312 Granville St.

Fine Finds Boutique – 1014 Mainland St.

DREAM – 311 West Cordova




pokaroo is back!

I’m back and admit I’ve been a bit of a Pokaroo as of late. But I’m writing now and it feels good to blog er out. First and for most Happy Canada Day weekend! I can’t believe it’s already July.  And if you’re living in Vancouver you probably can’t either. Maybe this just means we will have a long Indian summer. I took this picture  on Friday while  jogging along the seawall. Vancouver you are stunning to run with…..especially when you are sunny!

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to work  on Nick Cannon’s Nickelodeon TV Movie, RAGZ  directed by Billie Woodruff. It was an ABSOLUTE blast working with some amazing talent such as Vancouver’s own Zak Santiago, Robert Maloney, Keenan Tracey and Burkley Duffield as well as Nickelodeon stars, Keke Palmer, Max Schneider and Vancouver born, Avan Jogia. Thank you for a wonderful chance to LAUGH and play all day/night long. Stay tuned for a 2012 release date! And yes I dyed my hair crimson for the role. Had to put a bit more sass in  “Martha”!

I went to the Britney Spears concert July 1st. You ask “Why”? Well for $25.00 it was for pure entertainment value…And great character research if I don’t say so myself. I felt like I was at a Milli Vanilli concert watching a hot blonde woman going through the motions. She seemed vacant in her performance and her signature move, the head bop which entails one to bop their head from side to side repeatedly with very minimal dance moves was a bit too repetitive for someone who used to fully go all out on the stage. Instead, she mastered “the strut”. Strutting upstage, downstage with cut offs and bikini bras. I was mostly impressed with her extraordinary dancers, acrobats and ninja warriors. Yes….I said ninja warriors. And the fact that she could “ride” so frequently during one concert….And by ride I mean, a gigantic electric guitar, a swing, a motorcycle, a car, an Egyptian boat and a man.  Hey Ho!  Best part of the night, hanging with my friends, dancing in my seat and people watching. I was looking forward to “Circus” but she didn’t even “play it”…Oh well it’s Britney Bitch. But hey! I am always up for a good dance off. For those who know me let’s GO! “Till The World Ends” is at the top of the charts and yes… it is a dance a licious song among a slew of other Britney songs that will get you in the mood to dance, dance, dance.

The theme of her show was….

A few outfits from the night that I wouldn’t be caught in. EVER!

                                                                           The “Fluorescent bumble bee”

The “Under aged ________________ ” (you can fill it in)

The “Night-time negligee and embarrassed besty”

The “Upset I didn’t get a $45.00 t-shirt” girl

The “Yes, We’re hot ” girls.

I think I look pretty darn “cute a licious” ….Sure the heels could have been higher but that night my poor footsie’s would have hated me (call me grandma now). Speaking of grandma’s, a girl actually yelled to me, “Love your shoes” and I said, “Thanks…Believe it or now they were my grandmothers vintage heels!” And my friend turned to me and said, “That’s not cool”.  We both bursted out laughing. The timing was perfect and I felt like I was in grade 7…..And to be honest friends, my grandmother was one of the coolest people I know and had amazing style.  I own a lot of her vintage pieces that I LOVE. My dress is by “Motor Rocks” and is from One Of A Few in Gastown. You’ve seen me write about One Of A Few a many o zillion of times as it is one of my “GO TO” favorite stores when I am in the mood for a little treaty poo. I always find something unique and satisfying for my soul and style.  Plus I am the first one to admit I love supporting independent boutiques.

Oh! Here I am …just playing around at the cotton candy stand.

I’m always fascinated with Graffiti (I will do a blog on collections of photos that I’ve taken). I had a coffee with a pal on Saturday and then walked aimlessly downtown. This caught my eye….It was done after the riots.

It took me over an hour to make my morning espresso. First, I forgot to put the coffee in and after realizing that, I forgot to put the water in. Thinking it was taking forever to make, I realized through sleepy eyes and a fuzzy brain that I forgot to put the water in. I could have run out and bought an Americano for the time that was wasted  but instead I saved $2.00 and enjoyed a delicious Americano by yours truly. Mmmmmmm. Hope you had a great long weekend everyone! And hey!  HAPPY JULY 4th to my American friends – Christina XO


private dancer and other tid bits.

I don’t think I’m the only one who does this. Wakes up…morning routine….cup o java….crank the tunes (ie. Pat Benatar) and have a dance party for 1 to wake the ol body, mind and soul up (Or maybe I am). Seriously! This is one of my favorite activities to do. Sometimes I’ll even be in cleaning mode, make my apartment spick and span, buy some flowers for myself (I think it’s very important to do), pump up the volume and dance dance. I consider this the ala Tina Turner moment, “Private Dancer”….until of course my creepy neighbour sees me. That’s when I immediately whip the blinds shut considering I always see the silhouette of a camera through his window. YIKES! I hope he is not a voyeur. Anytime you feel a bit stressed, creatively blocked or have a zillion and 3 things on your mind try it…for a good 15 minutes (or more). DO IT! It’s FUN!!!!

And other fun tid bits and news. New spring nail polish purchased this week. My all time favorite brand, ESSIE. This one is called “e-nuf is e-nuf”. Perfect for short nails. I feel ALIVE and sexy in this color! I bought it for $9.99 instead of $11.99. Saved $2 and bought a coffee instead. So really didn’t save anything. But mmmm coffee.

The Gastown Hop Shop is this week!!!  I await this occasion every year. Discounts and social times at a variety of local Gastown shops. My all time favorite area in the city. I especially can’t wait to stop by One Of A Few/Two Of A Few, Nouvelle Nouvelle, and Dream (just to name a few of my favorites). I’m in saving mode…but sometimes one has to break their resolution(s).

Buy yourself some flowers this weekend! OR better yet buy your mamma some flowers to show her you love her! I LOVE YOU MOM!

I cleaned out my closet this past week. A bag for consignment and a few for the salvation army. I came across my gold heels that I already forgot I bought about a month ago for a wedding I was in. These goldies were a hit! I wanted a pair that was vintage inspired and was not going to settle until I found them. For $35 dollars I was a very happy camper. Thank you Deluxe Junk.  I think forgetting you have a specific pair of shoes is a reminder that I have way too many of them. But I’m not complaining, a gal can never have too many shoes. I’m very excited to pair these with my favorite skinny jeans and take these babies out for a night.

Alright….Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy Mother’s Day MOM. Remember when the going get’s tough or you just want to let it all out DANCE! A little Tina Turner for you ….- Christina XO


gyPsy MarKET ViNtaGE

Monday – My day of errands took me to Gastown to one of my all time favourite boutiques, One Of  A Few. I get as excited as a little kid in a candy shop. Then again, I get excited in a candy shop too so that says a lot about me. Yes, I am a kid at heart. For the next 5 months at One Of A Few, Gypsy Market Vintage is featured in the Pop Up Shop. Friday they launched it with a bang! (Unfortunately I missed the cupcakes and cointreauversial punch) but I made it over the weekend and it was nice to have the shoppe to myself. Tee hee hee. Each week new finds will be brought in and each week I think I will have to make a little trip on my “errand day”. Downstairs you have clothing and accessories from independent designers and upstairs an array of vintage, a perfect match made in Christina heaven. As a matter of fact mixing vintage with new pieces is my style and when things are a bit mismatched even better. The perfect cookie cutter outfit does not catch my eye. The first word to my mind is BORING. I bought a few items and am especially excited about my vintage leather purse/bag. I can use it for business and I can use it for pleasure. So go visit and treat yourself! Cause I know I will again! and again! ………and again. – Christina XO


gEttiNG tO kNOw stylist, MicHElle AdDiSOn

Welcome to the “Getting To Know You” Segment with Stylist Michelle Addison of Jesse Carlson Wardrobe. I met the gorgeous and talented Michelle a few years back in an acting class and then frequently at one of my all time favorite Gastown boutiques. I am always fond of our random chats and was excited to learn of Michelle’s exciting new adventure.  I hope you all enjoy – Christina XO

RARE LITTLE BIRD- “Getting To Know You” Segment.

WHO: Michelle Addison
WHAT: Personal Stylist
COMPANY: Jessie Carlson Wardrobe

€    Mini Eggs OR Maltesers? Mini eggs

If you had your own reality show what would it be called? “have style will travel”

€    You were store manager at: A. One of a Few B. Urban Behavior C. Tim Hortons. How did this role as well as past experiences inspire you to become a personal stylist? I loved working at One of a Few. I got to meet some great people, wear amazing clothes from great designers and work with Michelle Rizzardo who has really helped me define my own sense of style.  She always encouraged me to do personal styling and suggested I help people with their closets and I guess that gave me confidence to just go for it. And then I found Jessie and things just fell into place.

€    Describe a typical day in the life for you as a wife, mother, actress and personal stylist?
Well a typical day I wake up at 6am, not by choice, but because my daughter refuses to sleep in!! We usually get to spend the morning together playing in her playhouse, going to gymnastics etc., and then I will work with a client in the afternoon for a few hours either “cleansing a closet” or going shopping. On the rare occasion that I have an audition as well, I usually spend the morning talking to myself (practising my lines) which Stella thinks is just the weirdest thing and then dragging her to an audition. Luckily I haven’t met anyone who wasn’t willing to sit with her in the waiting room while I went in for my 5 minute thing. I am home for dinner which is very uninspired except if my husband is home in which case he cooks and it always tastes amazing. Stella goes to sleep at 7 so then I try to catch up on some emails. Is that exciting enough for you?
Hahahah Yes! Busy Bee.

€    Flashback to the 90’s. What would YOU be wearing on a  “Girls Night Out?” Oh God… it depends if it was early 90’s or late 90’s…early nineties I would be wearing big star jeans with green doc martins and a guess jeans t-shirt (at around 14) and late 90’s I would be wearing some sort of black turtleneck with a scarf and a short skirt. I loved the turtleneck plus the scarf in theatre school. AND I always wore a short skirt whether it was appropriate or not.

€    What is your personal style and how has your fashion sense changed throughout the years? Oh my fashion has changed big-time. I think that when I was younger I experimented a lot. Being an actress for so long you get really into the bohemian thing which isn’t always that cool. I would say that i have gotten less spontaneous over the years and have started investing in some good quality pieces that will stand the test of time. I am not so into buying so much bulk anymore. I am much more choosy, that’s not to say that I don’t buy any of the trendy things but maybe one or two and I will only wear the things that look good on my body type. Most trends aren’t for everyone.  It wasn’t until I started working in retail and working with my clients that I found my niche which I would say is classic and comfortable with an edge. I also think becoming older and more confident in my own skin has worked wonders on my sense of style. I can firmly stand behind all my fashion choices.

€    There are a lot of personal stylists in Vancouver, Why Jessie Carlson? And how do both of your personal fashion tastes balance one another? I honestly can say that working with/for Jessie has been such a gift. I totally admire her sense of self and her sense of style. Our styles compliment each other because both of us ultimately believes in less is more and we always sway towards timeless and classic…but I think that I bring a little edge to the company and I adore  accessorizing which I believe can really set you apart for personal style. On the whole we agree on most things except maybe bows…i like them! Jessie just had a baby a few months ago so it has been great sharing a career and motherhood with her.

€    Some women/men dread putting together outfits, are critical of themselves and often get frustrated with knowing “what’s in” or “what makes them feel special”. Describe your relationship with your clients and how you gain their trust in meeting their needs and making them feel comfortable in their skin? I would say that I gain their trust because I really know clothes, I have a good sense of what looks good with what. I try to use what my clients have in their closet to help them put together outfits that they might not have thought of. But I find that most people are lacking the basics, a good heel, a coat, a great pair of jeans- the boring stuff really- but if you don’t have those things it’s really hard to find an outfit to go with your neon shirt that you may have picked up on sale!! I also find that being a mom helps too because I am constantly bending and rolling around on the floor I need things that work for my lifestyle and so do other moms yes, you can be stylish and be a mom!!

€    Rachel Zoe, Nicole Chavez OR Andrea Lieberman? Nicole Chavez… except that I love Andrea’s clothing line A.L.C too!!

€    Choice of “relaxation” beverage? Mint tea

€   What is your favorite event to dress a client for? “The not-trying-too-hard first date” Oh and I would love to dress someone for the Toronto Film Fest..So Christina get on it!!

LOL  I WILL! BELIEVE ME! It’s on my goal list and I’ll know who to hire!

€  Weather it be a celebrity, anchorman, political leader or Christina Sicoli, Who would you love to dress and Why?
Other than you… I guess it would be nice to dress celebrities for the sheer fact that they go to so many parties and I love dressing women for parties…but I also like dressing everyday women just as much. It gives me great joy to watch women and men’s confidence soar when they feel good in what they are wearing. We have just launched men’s styling and I absolutely love dressing men. They are way more daring than you would think. So…maybe Brad Pitt? I would like to dress him.

€  Tell me about the HIGH-END-RE-SALE that is being held on March 19th  from 2-5pm at The Center For Peace. Why should we come? Well you should come because it will be amazing clothes from amazingly stylish women’s closets. Michelle from One of a Few, Dace, Isabelle Dunlop, Jessie and myself and some other VERY fashionable people. Lots of different sizes, designer brands and new and hardly worn clothing. It will be like going to a consignment store except it won’t suck. AND it will be really cheap…did I mention that I am selling my Prada heels for $60?? I mean seriously it is a fashion lovers dream come true. I suggest coming early because the great stuff will go fast. We are planning on doing it every year. Partial proceeds will be going to Avalon a center for women who are struggling with addiction.

€    What “tools” or “themes” do you use to identify a client with helping them create their own unique sense of style? For example, personality, first impression, the music they listen to, magazines they read. That is a good question!!  I would say that entering into someone’s closet and bedroom gives me a great sense of what kind of person they are. I get to see what they have picked out for themselves and what they have held on to for years. And when we go shopping together I can tell right away whether they are going to go for an outfit or not. I would never put someone in something that they didn’t love. Some might be afraid of an outfit because it takes them out of their comfort zone but all see the possibility for themselves…you can’t argue with how good you look.

€    How often do you purchase magazines? (Which ones are they) I purchase a ton of magazines- first Canadian ones- Fashion and Flare- because it is important to know what we have in Canada, and I have a subscription to Vogue of course, i like nylon(for accessories), Bazaar, British Vogue and I actually read a lot of the fashion blogs now… I appreciate funny commentary.

€    We all indulge in retail therapy from time to time OR most of the time. YIKES! You are doing this most days. How do you cope with a fussy or demanding client not to mention being around clothing (for yourself too) ? (the fussy or demanding client) I have never had one. I have had the pleasure of working with very open-minded people. Some people might be stressed about the pressure of an event or trip and need to get it exactly right but as long as they stay open-minded it goes very smoothly…mainly because someone else is helping them with the decision making. AND my retail therapy? yes, I do shop a lot for other people and i can’t help eyeing certain pieces myself. If I am completely obsessed with something it will usually find its way into my closet. But luckily I do so much research for other people who I am not really an impulse buyer anymore. I have thought long and hard when it comes to putting down the plastic.

€    If you had a choice of only three items of wardrobe. Ok four items of wardrobe to bring with you on a trip to Hawaii (No, I’m not taking you…sorry). What would they be?
Oh…thanks for the invite but I can’t make it anyway. I always find my wardrobe so satisfying when I am away because you can plan each outfit in advance, don’t you? I usually over pack 😦
€    Hawaii:
€    a long or short strapless jersey dress (for the beach and perfect to throw on after the beach),
€    brown strappy flat sandals,
€    jean cut off shorts(will be very popular this summer),
€    a pair of flats
€    a great black sun dress(to wear with flip flops or dinner out)
€    at least two white tank tops (get new ones – you’ll like them really white with your tan)
€    I think i might be packing your whole suitcase now…

€    What’s the best advice you can give to any of your clients? If you don’t think you have a good sense of style- don’t worry- you can always hire someone- and take the credit.

€    Shakespeare OR Anna Sui’s latest book? I like going to see shakespeare I don’t necessarily like reading shakespeare so I would say the anna sui book…although i didn’t know she had a new book…

€     How would you dress “Michelle Addison” for an Awards Gala if she came to you with “nothing to wear”?
Head to toe Stella Mcartney or Isabel Marant

Occupation: Actress/Comedienne/Super Cool Chick
You get to dress me for a Film Festival Gala.
I would put you in this Rachel Gilbert Dress- how amazing would you look in this dress…to die for!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!  Let’s Do It!

Thank you Michelle! Everyone go and support a great cause at the High End Re Sale on March 19th! And hire Michelle if you need an amazing personal stylist! – Christina XO



Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true. In this case, it is a shopping spree dream come true! Woo hoo. Vancouver label, lily+jae was offering an oppurtunity to win a $500 SHOPPING SPREE at the lily+jae pop up shop for sending in an image of yourself dressed in your favourite piece of lily+jae. And I did just that! A friend of mine knew I was a fan and encouraged me to submit! Thank you sweet friend! Every time I enter a contest or buy a lottery ticket I always visualize the winning…..Let’s just hope this is the first of many. – Christina XO

For those who aren’t familiar with lily+jae get yourself educated and shop! You’ll find a slew of original one of a kind pieces that only you will be wearing. I LOVE lily+jae. A bit about the label:

Created by Jude Feller,  lily + jae blends feminine and masculine styles to create a flirtatious line of contemporary women’s  wear. After seven years in the costume department for film and television Jude left to pursue her dream in fashion. She launched her debut collection in spring of 2007. Within a year the brand expanded into the USA, followed by international recognition in Japan six months later. lily + jae has progressed into a responsive fashion label with appeal to the contemporary woman.  The brand has appeared in Teen Vogue, British Glamour, and Nylon, and have been seen on stars such as Lily Allen, Amy Smart, Ashlee Simpson, and Sarah Polley. Although the collection is independently designed and manufactured in North America, each season is inspired by a different city around the globe and we can’t wait to see where we go next.



lily + jae

Last night I had a blast at the launch of the lily + jae POP UP SHOP! at one of my all time favorite Gastown boutique, One Of A Few. Owned and operated by the lovely and very adorable Michelle Rizzardo who joined together with Vancouver designer Jude Feller of lily + jae. A favorite local designer of mine, lily +  jae offers feminine and masculine styles to create a flirtatious line of contemporary women’s wear. CONFESSION: I almost got hit by a car running across the street as I tried to contain my excitement for the clothing and accessory festivities. Luckily I’m a fast runner because I made it in the nick of time….Although I did miss a goodie bag. Sigh. I was pleasantly welcomed into a pact store where I found myself bombarded by racks of clothing, hungry fashionista’s,  Dj sincerely Hana cranking tunes, photographers snapping pictures and cupcakes and wine! Oh My! Oh My!  YUMMMMMY. I bought a few amazing pieces from their Vintage Rack from deals as low as  $5. HEAVEN! GUILT FREE shopping. WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO. Stay tuned on a post from One Of A Few and Michelle Rizzardo!- Christina xo
This was the scrumptious invite:

LILY+JAE and ONE OF A FEW would like to invite you to join the launch of the lily+jae POP UP SHOP!!

Sample Rack-lily+jae samples from the past 6 seasons.
Vintage Rack-See what inspires the designer and take it home.
Deals Rack-A fantastic selection of sale items starting as low as$9.99
New Arrivals-Be the first to see the all new Autumn 2010 collection.

All ONE OF A FEW merchandise 25% off and TWO OF A FEW footwear 20% off for one evening only!

SURPRISE BAGS for the first 30 guests!

COMPLIMENTARY wine and cupcakes while you shop.

Your very favourite golden girl: Dj SINCERELY HANA!



Isabelle Dunlop

I had the utmost pleasure of meeting Vancouver designer, Isabelle Dunlop at the Guilty About Girls show last week. Funny enough, I was in one of my favorite Gastown boutiques, One Of A Few a couple of weeks ago when I spotted this beautiful dress designed by her. I wrote down her name and googled her when I got home. I was so thrilled to find the same dress on her website as well other gorgeous items. Then at the show, my friend Shawn introduced me to Isabelle whom she knew. Small word!  I was super stoked to meet this lovely, quirky, cool woman! I immediately went gaga, fawning over her and her designs. I asked her if I could blog her and here we are. Upon arriving at her character home with Shawn, We were pleasantly surprise to find out we would be apart of a photo shoot! Photographer, Elaine Gebert of Elaine Gebert Photography. She took stunning photographs that captured our personalities and the gorgeous dresses. Yippeeeee! We got to model a few of her dresses and jewelry! I felt like a princess. How did she know that I love to play dress up? Isabelle is such a lovely, beautiful free spirit. I was so inspired to be surrounded by her visions and creativity. Thank you Isabelle for letting me come into your home, wear your clothing, be inspired by your accomplishments and take loads of pictures! Please let’s do it again. – Christina xo
TOP 20 “Getting To Know You” with local designer Isabelle Dunlop
1. What is your favorite color? – Brown
2. A Three part question. A.) Who taught you how to sew? – Scottish College of Textiles. B.) How old were you? – 17  C.) What was the first piece you ever designed? Jacket fitted wool blazer.
3. How long have you been designing professionally? And what inspired you to start designing under your own label? – 10 years. It just made sense, my idea, my name on it. People responded to the clothes that I wore (generally made by me).
4. When a woman wears an item of your clothing. How do you want her to feel? – Happy. Confident. Comfortable.
5. Aerosmith OR Beethoven? – Beethoven.
6. List your last 3 jobs before you started designing your own line. – 1. Flaming June (clothing store/sales associate) 2. The House Gallery Boutique (Renaissance clothing store/sewing/selling) 3. Country Beads – Bead Store (sales/teaching)
7. When was the moment where you thought, “I’m gonna be my own boss”? – Honestly, it’s never a conscious thought, you are a boss just doing it, but it’s great to remind yourself how wonderful it is to work for you own company 🙂 Hard times included.
8. Top 3 designers who inspire you? – 1.) Marc Jacobs 2.) Mandula 3.) Burberry Perfume
9. Leopard print mini OR pink tutu? – Pink tutu.
10. What are some of the stores that carry your label? – One Of A Few (354 Water Street), Tait (330 Cordova Street),
11. Describe the day and the life of YOU. – Coffee front step, Notebook, Sew something, Listen to lots of music, Practice in the basement, Drink a beer, Water, A movie, Fall asleep on the couch.
12. True OR False. Isabelle sings in a band? – TRUE!
13. What is the theme of Isabelle Dunlop designs? – Confidently Beautiful.
14. Coffee OR Tea? – Coffee.
15. Tell us something that you want us to know about you that I haven’t asked thus far. – I’ve never learned to drive.
16. What are you favorite items to design? – Coats.
17. When wearing a dress, a woman should feel – Gorgeous.
18. Sketch pad OR Etch a Sketch? – Sketch pad.
19. If a song title could describe you. What song would that be? – New City Anthem – Sex With Strangers with a little bit of Donna Summer Hot Stuff!
20. What celebrity would you love to see wear on of your dresses? – Madonna.
Behind the scenes with Isabelle Dunlop.

Isabelle Dunlop – Elaine Gerbert Photography

Fun filled photo shoot with Miss Shawn Goodson and moi.

The Black dress  – “Spain” black $200, the wool shawl/scarf piece  is $240.  Shawn’s white silk dress is $240 , the yellow sorbet dress is $240 and the floral tea dress is $240 scarves are $140.
Come out to see Isabelle in “Combine the Victorious” on August 11th.