Confessions Of A Rockstar Wannabe.

Alright first of all,  I am no rock star (in the literal sense that is). I am not in a band (I pretend to be). I don’t live a life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and I’m not traveling around the world checking into hotel to hotel (maybe one day).  I’m not  gracing world stages with my extraordinary voice (<— questionable. Some would cover their ears) and musical talents. But, my black leather boots make me feel tough. My leather motorcycle jacket makes me feel cool. My black stilettos make me feel sexy. And hey, my leather leggings well…that’s just a whole different story. So, I said to myself after seeing Canadian rock stars Emily Haines (Metric) and Martina Sorbara (Dragonette) that at some point in my career I’m gonna rock out so hard with my electric guitar, strut around in a leather onesy and maybe just maybe tap dance in between sets.  I confess, I do day-dream about this. Maybe I secretly want to be a rock star. Do I want to portray a rock star in a film? (hells yeah!) Do I want to rock out on stage? (double hells yeah!) Ok then let’s make it happen. #bucketlist

Worse Case Scenario: I got the privacy of my own home. – CS xx

Rock . Leather . Sexy . Motorcycle . Studs . Stiletto . Performance . Musica . Art . Instrumental . lazer beams . Feelin somethin


Dream Big with 60 Second Tips With SICOLI.

You’ve seen it on YOU TUBE, “Learn to play the Ukulele“, “How to apply false eye lashes by Kandee Johnson” or a simple “How to sew a button : Basic sewing skills”. Anything you want to learn is at the tip of your fingers on the world-wide web. Some of these ‘How To’s’ or ‘Basic tutorials’ are informative while others are 10 minutes way too long. You want to keep your audience wanting more, right? So how about a weekly tip with me?! Sicoli! for just 60 seconds!!!! You’ll get simple ideas that you may not have even thought of. And after 60 seconds  you can always use your imagination, because as we’ve all learned from childhood your imagination can take you anywhere. And believe me, the places I’ve gone with my imagination….Hey Oh! 60 Second Tips With Sicoli is just a small town girl (me) against the backdrop of her shower curtain filming an informative segment just for YOU. Nobody said it was wrong to educate their audience with a simple and useful tip. So I’m doing it. Check it! Like it! Laugh it! Pass it! And stay tuned for more 60 second tips every week. – CS xo

I’m just a sap when it comes to inspirational quotes……taken from magazines… CHAPTER’S…just a simple little sucker when it comes to Christmas tunes and “Magazine Time” , sipping an Americano or two…and people watching….on a lonely Friday night. I mean Sunday, A Sunday afternoon. I love a lazy Sunday. 


DREAM BIG (why not?)


sKOah sKin

I am officially back from a two-week Christmas Vacation back East….Well I may not be mentally back but I am physically. Although I never think of it as a vacation because there is no time to rest. It is go, go, GO! As much as I love visiting family and friends it feels good to be back in the hood and start a brand new year, 2011! I’m excited for this year! I just finished my budget, my goal list, project deadlines, and want to start fresh, sharp and focused! I can feel a rocking year ahead of me! Look at me! So many exclamation marks!!!!!!!  So much excitement! One thing I do notice when I travel is how different my hair and skin feel. Especially at this time of year where the air is cold, crisp and your living space may be dry. I’m pretty sensitive to fragrance and other yucky ingredients in skin care products so I try to stick to natural and paraben free products. Dry air equals dry skin.  It’s a good thing the day after I got back I had a free  20 minute sweet skin facial booked at SKOAH. This skin care workout was the perfect treat for my skin and left me feeling completely refreshed and hydrated. I’ve always been curious about their products and have heard nothing but rave reviews. I got a skin analysis and bought a travel kit catered to my facial needs. My skin feels like a baby’s bottom. Gooo goo gaa gaa. Amazing and PH balanced. If you have a chance I would highly recommend SKOAH. Check out their website for further information and book an appointment at one of their four locations in the Vancouver area. -Christina XO


The Soap Show

Well, the time has come again for season two of the Soap Show, Vancouver’s live improvised Soap show. Only this time it takes place on the luxurious Colossal Princess Cruise Ship. If you’re not doing anything tonight or for the next couple of Mondays, come on down to the Firehall Arts Centre and check us out. Most of all support your local performers. Tonight I will be playing the ships passenger but my main character is Rick Concessi, gift shop manager. Check it out! – Christina XO


Monday Nights – 8pm

The Firehall Arts Centre . 280 Cordova Street East Vancouver

Tickets -$10 in advance/$12 at the door.

For Reservations call 604.689.0926 OR go online to


Joe Fresh

The long anticipated Joe Fresh flagship store finally opened on October 13th here in Vancouver. The two-floor, 1400 square foot store is a shopping haven for those who are  Joe Fresh obsessed! Ladies, You now don’t have to travel way out to the Super Store anymore. Just head downtown to look for your shopping deals in the heart of the city. Women’s sportswear and accessories are on the main floor, and Mens, Women’s Active,Sleep,Intimates on the upper floor. I couldn’t make the grand opening but went the following day. There were lineups but nothing to cry home about. The employees run a pretty tight ship in keeping their customers very happy. It’s definitely worth the trip if you are looking for fresh, chic, affordable fashions which I find to be the number 1 perk of Joe Fresh. You don’t feel guilty about rocking the bank account. I bought and I didn’t rock my bank account. Instead I am rocking a pretty mohair cardigan that I found for $39.99. Sweet deal if you ask me. To celebrate the launch, Granville Street will be opened today for pedestrians between Pender and Dunsmuir for an exciting, free public concert featuring some of Canada’s hottest talent including performances by Marianas Trench, Divine Brown, Stereos and Sweet Thing.- Check it out today because I’m unable to make it and tell me how it is! – Christina XO



Getting To Know Oliver and Lilly’s

I hope everyone had a Happy Turkey weekend!  It’s been awhile, I took a slight hiatus with my blog, but I am back! One of my favorite things about fall is the cool crisp air and the change in colors of the leaves. Every night reminds me of Halloween. There is always something in the air. I look forward to checking out fall collections and frequent my favorite stores in search of something new or used. And here is one of them for my “Top 20 Getting To Know You”.
A few years ago I discovered a hidden gem in the South Granville Area. A little boutique called Oliver and Lilly’s owned and operated by the ever charming Leighann Boquist. There is never a moment when I’m not greeted with a warm smile and friendly demeanor. I always look forward to chatting with Leighann about the latest pieces she’s brought in  and the cool vintage items she has placed around her gem. It has now become one of my favorite Go To shoppes when I am looking for something for an event, audition, or everyday wear. It has something to offer for the fashion forward gal. Whether it be casual or dressy, Oliver and Lilly’s offers a unique selection and a few of my personal favorite labels such as “Something Else” by Natalie Wood, Charlotte Ronson, Steven Alan and Alternative Apparel. I had the pleasure of learning a bit about Leighann and her fabulous store in my TOP 20: GETTING TO KNOW YOU. Enjoy! – Christina XO

Name: Leighann Boquist
Title: Owner/Buyer
Shoppe: Oliver & Lilly’s
1. Hot Chocolate OR Coffee with Bailey’s? Ooooh, for sure Coffee with baileys.
2. What inspired you to open Oliver & Lilly’s, and WHO are Oliver & Lilly? Oliver and Lilly are two names I came up with for a college project, and the names stuck with me when I decided to open a shop.  As for what inspired me to open Oliver & Lilly’s…  A little of everything really; I always wanted a shop to call my own and truly the timing was right.
3. What makes your shoppe stand out from the rest in the South Granville block? The bright red balloons and our approachable price range.
4. Describe a typical day for you? Lately it’s been… Wake at 5:30am pour myself a massive mug of coffee, head out to meet my friend for a run on the seawall. Home for coffee & breakfast, then start the workday which usually wraps up around 7 or 8 pm. Come home, throw on some comfies make or order in some dinner then just enjoy the evening. (Most days)
5. VOGUE or NYLON magazine? Vogue
6. How should a woman feel when they walk into your Shoppe? My hope is that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. The shop has a lovely vibe to it, and we really hope others feel it too.
7. What are your 3 favorite words? ‘I love you’ and ‘hi auntie Lanny’
8. What are some of the brands in your store? And tell me why you chose these particulars. To name a few: Steven Alan, Heidi Merrick, Demylee, Ali Ro, James Jeans, Eze Sur Mer, Alternative Apparel (and more) All chosen because they’re the perfect blend for everyday wear.
9. If you were allowed only 3 items from your Shoppe to bring with you on a tropical island what would they be? Hmmm… well, a Cuche bikini for swimming, a Rocky Hoodie to keep me warm, and then a long Heidi Merrick dress for the tropical evenings; all worn with bare feet of course.
10. Describe your style: T-shirt meets cardigan meets jeans meets flats.
11. Do you believe white to be a faux pas after Labor Day? Not at all.
12. What have you learned from opening up your own business? I’ve learned the value of sleep and exercise.
13. Any advice for inspired entrepreneurs? My advice for inspiring entrepreneurs is to work in the specific industry that you are interested in. Get a taste for it; see if it’s really for you.  Make a plan, do your research, and then just take the leap.  Follow your instincts and you’ll be okay. Every day you’ll learn more efficient and effective ways to work the operations of your business.  The biggest step is just getting started. It all will come together.
14. Who are your fashion influences? I’m presently inspired by Kerri Russell and Gwyneth Paltrow.
15. Rolling Stones OR KISS? Rolling Stones.
16. What is the most important piece of advice u give to a customer when they are trying on items in your Shoppe? I always express that it’s important to be comfortable in the items and to not have to fuss much with it. Who wants to always be adjusting / fussing with what they’re wearing throughout the day.
17. Tell me a little bit about your background. Did you go to Business OR Art School? I went to college for general studies and then to Blanche Macdonald and studied fashion. For the past 10 years I worked in the visual side of retail with smaller boutiques to large national chain stores.  Come 2007 the American company I was working for was issuing layoffs and my department was one of them. It really was the perfect jumping point to begin considering starting my own business…. and well, now we’re here! And super happy to be here at that!
18. What did you want to be when you were a little girl? I wanted to be a choreographer for music videos. And then maybe Madonna, Debbie Gibson or Stacy Q (remember the song Two of Heart’s?) YES!!
19. Pretty In Pink OR Pretty Woman? Pretty Woman
20. Do you travel for work? If so, where is your favorite destination city? If not, where do you love to go for a weekend of fashion and fun? Right now we travel to Los Angeles for work. As for favorite destination cities for fashion and fun, I have three; New York, LA and San Francisco. Three completely opposite places, each with their own distinct vibes.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!   GO AND CHECK OUT  OLIVER AND LILLY’S!!! You Won’t Be Disappointed. I never am. Well only when I can’t buy. That’s one big BOO.


Rocking Out With Aerosmith

I went to the Aerosmith concert about two weeks ago at the Rogers Center here in Vancouver. I’ve seen them a few times before and I have to say they are by far one of my favorite rock bands of all time. I even went with the flu, I was not about to give up my ticket. In high school I would replay “Crazy”, “Angel”, “Janie’s Got A Gun” and “Love In An Elevator”,  over and over again. I secretly wanted to be in an Aerosmith video……O.k I still do. I’ll admit I have a secret rock crush on Joe Perry who was sporting a damn hot mariachi look and who wouldn’t crush on Steven Tyler’s cookiness, charisma and over all eccentricity? The way he struts down the catwalk flailing around the stage with his staple prop (microphone in stand ala hanker chief in hand) as he flirtatiously moves and talks to the audience. Let’s face it, for me any guy who plays a musical instrument I will crush on. The band never fails to put on a fully energized concert, and at sixty years plus that’s “Amazing”. I love LOVE LOVE Steven Tyler’s voice. He has such a distinct sound unlike other musicians these days. From Tyler’s early seventy’s vocals to his present day vocals the man shows little signs of aging….In the voice that is. He’s still got it! He’s still got that outrageous “YAKAKAKKKAKAKAKAOWWWWWW” and musical range. When he interacted with the crowd he genuinely expressed his love and gratitude for his Vancouver audiences and this beautiful city that’s he had a chance to explore (as well as the ladies I’m sure) He said and I quote, “Vancouver is our favorite Canadian city”. Did you know that Aerosmith recorded  their trilogy of comeback albums Permanent Vacation, Pump and the monster seller Get a Grip at Little Mountain Studios? They are quite familiar with Vancouver and I am sure had their fill of party party times here.  They also recorded at Mushroom Studios. If you missed the concert (they say it was their last tour) you can catch Steven Tyler as a judge on American Idol. YIKES! I’m going to have to watch it now. Aside from the popular hits that I grew up with, here are a few of my absolute favorites  – Christina XO  p.s pictures from the concert to follow.

REMEMBER – WALKING IN THE SAND (Originally sung by the 60’s band, “The Shangri-Las