DoN’t fAlL FOr THe cRAcks.

If you focus on the cracks in the road you’ll hit them and fall. Don’t focus on things standing in your way. If you focus on your end goal, It’s amazing how fast you can accomplish it.


gEttiNG tO kNOw stylist, MicHElle AdDiSOn

Welcome to the “Getting To Know You” Segment with Stylist Michelle Addison of Jesse Carlson Wardrobe. I met the gorgeous and talented Michelle a few years back in an acting class and then frequently at one of my all time favorite Gastown boutiques. I am always fond of our random chats and was excited to learn of Michelle’s exciting new adventure.  I hope you all enjoy – Christina XO

RARE LITTLE BIRD- “Getting To Know You” Segment.

WHO: Michelle Addison
WHAT: Personal Stylist
COMPANY: Jessie Carlson Wardrobe

€    Mini Eggs OR Maltesers? Mini eggs

If you had your own reality show what would it be called? “have style will travel”

€    You were store manager at: A. One of a Few B. Urban Behavior C. Tim Hortons. How did this role as well as past experiences inspire you to become a personal stylist? I loved working at One of a Few. I got to meet some great people, wear amazing clothes from great designers and work with Michelle Rizzardo who has really helped me define my own sense of style.  She always encouraged me to do personal styling and suggested I help people with their closets and I guess that gave me confidence to just go for it. And then I found Jessie and things just fell into place.

€    Describe a typical day in the life for you as a wife, mother, actress and personal stylist?
Well a typical day I wake up at 6am, not by choice, but because my daughter refuses to sleep in!! We usually get to spend the morning together playing in her playhouse, going to gymnastics etc., and then I will work with a client in the afternoon for a few hours either “cleansing a closet” or going shopping. On the rare occasion that I have an audition as well, I usually spend the morning talking to myself (practising my lines) which Stella thinks is just the weirdest thing and then dragging her to an audition. Luckily I haven’t met anyone who wasn’t willing to sit with her in the waiting room while I went in for my 5 minute thing. I am home for dinner which is very uninspired except if my husband is home in which case he cooks and it always tastes amazing. Stella goes to sleep at 7 so then I try to catch up on some emails. Is that exciting enough for you?
Hahahah Yes! Busy Bee.

€    Flashback to the 90’s. What would YOU be wearing on a  “Girls Night Out?” Oh God… it depends if it was early 90’s or late 90’s…early nineties I would be wearing big star jeans with green doc martins and a guess jeans t-shirt (at around 14) and late 90’s I would be wearing some sort of black turtleneck with a scarf and a short skirt. I loved the turtleneck plus the scarf in theatre school. AND I always wore a short skirt whether it was appropriate or not.

€    What is your personal style and how has your fashion sense changed throughout the years? Oh my fashion has changed big-time. I think that when I was younger I experimented a lot. Being an actress for so long you get really into the bohemian thing which isn’t always that cool. I would say that i have gotten less spontaneous over the years and have started investing in some good quality pieces that will stand the test of time. I am not so into buying so much bulk anymore. I am much more choosy, that’s not to say that I don’t buy any of the trendy things but maybe one or two and I will only wear the things that look good on my body type. Most trends aren’t for everyone.  It wasn’t until I started working in retail and working with my clients that I found my niche which I would say is classic and comfortable with an edge. I also think becoming older and more confident in my own skin has worked wonders on my sense of style. I can firmly stand behind all my fashion choices.

€    There are a lot of personal stylists in Vancouver, Why Jessie Carlson? And how do both of your personal fashion tastes balance one another? I honestly can say that working with/for Jessie has been such a gift. I totally admire her sense of self and her sense of style. Our styles compliment each other because both of us ultimately believes in less is more and we always sway towards timeless and classic…but I think that I bring a little edge to the company and I adore  accessorizing which I believe can really set you apart for personal style. On the whole we agree on most things except maybe bows…i like them! Jessie just had a baby a few months ago so it has been great sharing a career and motherhood with her.

€    Some women/men dread putting together outfits, are critical of themselves and often get frustrated with knowing “what’s in” or “what makes them feel special”. Describe your relationship with your clients and how you gain their trust in meeting their needs and making them feel comfortable in their skin? I would say that I gain their trust because I really know clothes, I have a good sense of what looks good with what. I try to use what my clients have in their closet to help them put together outfits that they might not have thought of. But I find that most people are lacking the basics, a good heel, a coat, a great pair of jeans- the boring stuff really- but if you don’t have those things it’s really hard to find an outfit to go with your neon shirt that you may have picked up on sale!! I also find that being a mom helps too because I am constantly bending and rolling around on the floor I need things that work for my lifestyle and so do other moms yes, you can be stylish and be a mom!!

€    Rachel Zoe, Nicole Chavez OR Andrea Lieberman? Nicole Chavez… except that I love Andrea’s clothing line A.L.C too!!

€    Choice of “relaxation” beverage? Mint tea

€   What is your favorite event to dress a client for? “The not-trying-too-hard first date” Oh and I would love to dress someone for the Toronto Film Fest..So Christina get on it!!

LOL  I WILL! BELIEVE ME! It’s on my goal list and I’ll know who to hire!

€  Weather it be a celebrity, anchorman, political leader or Christina Sicoli, Who would you love to dress and Why?
Other than you… I guess it would be nice to dress celebrities for the sheer fact that they go to so many parties and I love dressing women for parties…but I also like dressing everyday women just as much. It gives me great joy to watch women and men’s confidence soar when they feel good in what they are wearing. We have just launched men’s styling and I absolutely love dressing men. They are way more daring than you would think. So…maybe Brad Pitt? I would like to dress him.

€  Tell me about the HIGH-END-RE-SALE that is being held on March 19th  from 2-5pm at The Center For Peace. Why should we come? Well you should come because it will be amazing clothes from amazingly stylish women’s closets. Michelle from One of a Few, Dace, Isabelle Dunlop, Jessie and myself and some other VERY fashionable people. Lots of different sizes, designer brands and new and hardly worn clothing. It will be like going to a consignment store except it won’t suck. AND it will be really cheap…did I mention that I am selling my Prada heels for $60?? I mean seriously it is a fashion lovers dream come true. I suggest coming early because the great stuff will go fast. We are planning on doing it every year. Partial proceeds will be going to Avalon a center for women who are struggling with addiction.

€    What “tools” or “themes” do you use to identify a client with helping them create their own unique sense of style? For example, personality, first impression, the music they listen to, magazines they read. That is a good question!!  I would say that entering into someone’s closet and bedroom gives me a great sense of what kind of person they are. I get to see what they have picked out for themselves and what they have held on to for years. And when we go shopping together I can tell right away whether they are going to go for an outfit or not. I would never put someone in something that they didn’t love. Some might be afraid of an outfit because it takes them out of their comfort zone but all see the possibility for themselves…you can’t argue with how good you look.

€    How often do you purchase magazines? (Which ones are they) I purchase a ton of magazines- first Canadian ones- Fashion and Flare- because it is important to know what we have in Canada, and I have a subscription to Vogue of course, i like nylon(for accessories), Bazaar, British Vogue and I actually read a lot of the fashion blogs now… I appreciate funny commentary.

€    We all indulge in retail therapy from time to time OR most of the time. YIKES! You are doing this most days. How do you cope with a fussy or demanding client not to mention being around clothing (for yourself too) ? (the fussy or demanding client) I have never had one. I have had the pleasure of working with very open-minded people. Some people might be stressed about the pressure of an event or trip and need to get it exactly right but as long as they stay open-minded it goes very smoothly…mainly because someone else is helping them with the decision making. AND my retail therapy? yes, I do shop a lot for other people and i can’t help eyeing certain pieces myself. If I am completely obsessed with something it will usually find its way into my closet. But luckily I do so much research for other people who I am not really an impulse buyer anymore. I have thought long and hard when it comes to putting down the plastic.

€    If you had a choice of only three items of wardrobe. Ok four items of wardrobe to bring with you on a trip to Hawaii (No, I’m not taking you…sorry). What would they be?
Oh…thanks for the invite but I can’t make it anyway. I always find my wardrobe so satisfying when I am away because you can plan each outfit in advance, don’t you? I usually over pack 😦
€    Hawaii:
€    a long or short strapless jersey dress (for the beach and perfect to throw on after the beach),
€    brown strappy flat sandals,
€    jean cut off shorts(will be very popular this summer),
€    a pair of flats
€    a great black sun dress(to wear with flip flops or dinner out)
€    at least two white tank tops (get new ones – you’ll like them really white with your tan)
€    I think i might be packing your whole suitcase now…

€    What’s the best advice you can give to any of your clients? If you don’t think you have a good sense of style- don’t worry- you can always hire someone- and take the credit.

€    Shakespeare OR Anna Sui’s latest book? I like going to see shakespeare I don’t necessarily like reading shakespeare so I would say the anna sui book…although i didn’t know she had a new book…

€     How would you dress “Michelle Addison” for an Awards Gala if she came to you with “nothing to wear”?
Head to toe Stella Mcartney or Isabel Marant

Occupation: Actress/Comedienne/Super Cool Chick
You get to dress me for a Film Festival Gala.
I would put you in this Rachel Gilbert Dress- how amazing would you look in this dress…to die for!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!  Let’s Do It!

Thank you Michelle! Everyone go and support a great cause at the High End Re Sale on March 19th! And hire Michelle if you need an amazing personal stylist! – Christina XO


wORd Of thE daY

I decided to learn a new word everyday for the next 365 days. Why not! – Christina XO

Today’s word is:


1. (Fine Arts) A circle, or disk, or any indication of radiant light around the heads of divinities, saints,and sovereigns, upon medals, pictures, etc.; a halo.

2. A cloud or atmosphere (as of romance or glamour) that surrounds a person or thing.

3. (Meteorology) A rain cloud.


roMaNCing tHe STone

One of my all time favorite movies is Romancing The Stone, an oldie but a goodie. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about a romance writer, Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) who sets off to Columbia to ransom her kidnapped sister, and soon finds herself in the middle of a dangerous adventure with her sidekick Jack T Colton (Michael Douglas). Watching it almost twenty years later (has time really flown by?) you embrace the cheesiness of the genre. I love the music in eighties action adventure movies, especially in the end when the two heroes fall in love and INSERT: saxophone music. It pops up in almost every eighties action, adventure, love story. I can think of 3 off the top of my head, 1-Lethal Weapon, 2- Pretty Woman, 3-Mannequinn. More will come to me after I’ve had my morning coffee. Enjoy!


The Acting Class: EpISODe 6&7

Hey everyone! For those who have not seen Episode 6 & 7 yet of THE ACTING CLASS tune in here:

EPISODE 6: “Making Speeches and Reading Minds”- GG gives an acceptance speech. Calm divulges where he really was last class. And Matty storms out in a huff. Mostly ’cause he’s Italian and they’re rul rul emotional.

“We few, put on this earth to entertain, need your support when you don’t know our names.” — GG

EPISODE 7: “Better In Than Out” – Christina performs in front of her estranged husband. Melissa dances for the class. Doug approaches an emotional meltdown.


mOOn BoOTs

Last weekend I was in Seattle and on the way home stopped at REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) . It is an American retail store that sells outdoor recreation gear, sporting goods, and clothes. I went straight to the clearance section (obviously) and lone behold found a pair of Moon Boots. They were regular $79.00 and because there was a sale coming up (that I would be missing) it took some simple charm to get the sale price of $35.00. YIPPEE! Thank you America. My bff, Julie at Seven Dollar Pants has a passion for these boots and sports then during the cold winters on the East Coast. I opted for the for the Suede “Butter Mid” for the West Coast weather. They are almost an UGG but not (they are much more comfortable and unique). I’ve enclosed a little information on these amazingly comfortable boots! – Christina XO

butter mild


LUcille In stEAMy vAlentiNE

Lucille is back! This time she is getting ready for a night of seduction in , “Steamy Valentine”. This is the second episode in the LUCILLE IN LOVE collection. Stay tuned for more of Lucille and her adventures as she desperately searches for love. – Christina XO