mOOn BoOTs

Last weekend I was in Seattle and on the way home stopped at REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) . It is an American retail store that sells outdoor recreation gear, sporting goods, and clothes. I went straight to the clearance section (obviously) and lone behold found a pair of Moon Boots. They were regular $79.00 and because there was a sale coming up (that I would be missing) it took some simple charm to get the sale price of $35.00. YIPPEE! Thank you America. My bff, Julie at Seven Dollar Pants has a passion for these boots and sports then during the cold winters on the East Coast. I opted for the for the Suede “Butter Mid” for the West Coast weather. They are almost an UGG but not (they are much more comfortable and unique). I’ve enclosed a little information on these amazingly comfortable boots! – Christina XO

butter mild


ThE goOd oL dAys

For those who know me, I’m a very nostalgic person. You give me a picture of when I was 4, I’d probably start to cry. Show me a picture of my grandparents dancing like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire …TEARS. One of my favorite things to do when I go back home is flip through the  many albums that my dad put together over the years. I’m not talking about just one or two but A LOT. They range from the early 70’s (my favorite) to the present day. I look at the days of when I was a wee little peanut, the things my family did, what I wore, old class photos, who we spent time with and always wipe the drool from my mouth as I gaze at the cool old vintage clothing that I wish had been saved for me. I laugh at the fact that my brother and I looked like twin boys and savour every moment down memory lane. I love it! No one can take that lane away. It will always be there and I will continue to cherish the special memories I’ve had. “In My Life” by the Beatles is a very special song to me. I think anyone who hears it can attach their own personal memories to it. I was just listening to it when it reminded me of when my best friend who I consider my sister, Julie (sevendollarpants) made me a video montage for my 16th birthday which were pictures of us through the previous pubescent years. This one is by far one of my all time favorites. This picture was taken at my birthday party. I’m a few years older than Julie. There was a moment in our childhood when I asked her mom, “Can I hold the baby? Here,we are both sporting fashionable plastic rings and bracelets. I, in my Strawberry Shortcake slippers, tomato pants, and heart T-shirt smiling with the gap between my teeth and the cowlick  in my hair. And Julie a.k.a “Noopy” sheepishly grinning to the side, her cute little mushroom cut hair  and sporting a tomato jumper and fuzzy red socks. We probably planned our outfits. Ahhhh the good ol days – ……..I can’t help but laugh every time I look at this picture. – Christina XO


The Pressure Of A Polish!

I am a huge fan of nail polish and admit to being a bit of a polish snob at the same time.  The past couple of years I have only bought a particular brand called ESSIE. Now that doesn’t mean I’m not open to other brands, I just have yet to be convinced otherwise. ESSIE’s umbrella of color, charming signature names, and  chip resilient polish is by far the best! Essie Weingarten, founder and president of Essie cosmetics, Ltd , is a beauty genius. She has created every color of the rainbow (and then some) for your 4 seasons style.  Aside from regularly wearing au natural, I tend to gravitate towards shades of bright pink and red especially when I’m wanting to spice it up a bit…….In the nail department that is! Most recently I bought a bottle of  Mint Candy Apple at Beauty Mark, Lilacism, in Yaletown. Talk about a kid in a candy store. Three rows of color staring right at me. I get excited when I rush to the back of the store to see what new colors they have in stock. I also get intimidated at the same time trying to decide what color to buy. A color I need? Or a color of want? But I am always ready for an aesthetic challenge. This beauty junkie of a store has the widest variety of ESSIE polish in Vancouver and I am an avid buyer of these scrumptous delights. I tend to treat myself the odd time…o.k more than the odd time but give a gal a break! You need to eat, sleep, breath and excercise, Right? Why not dress your nails up, take them for a nigh out, and paint the town red? Instead of leaving them at home, half  bitten and brittle. Eeeek! Polish Police to the rescue. My plan is to buy one in every color. I am slowly but surely starting a collection of my own. I may need a new fridge just for my ESSIE polish. So far I own, “Bermuda Shorts“, “Rose Bowl“, “Status Symbol“, “Licorice” and “Life Lick it” sponsored by A&E for Kirstie Alley’s reality show, “The Big Life”. I had a free promotional manicure in L.A this past fall with my bff Julie from sevendollarpants.

Check out the amazing colors at Beauty Mark and in my future fridge. – Christina

"Mint Candy Apple" = YUMMY NAILS

"Mint Candy Apple" again!