REd hOt

As of late I have been into the whole red lipstick look. Coming from someone who usually sticks to nudes and gloss or my favorite medicated Blistex, I’ve been loving the look. One would remember the  whole red lipstick with a bun on top of the head look if they danced in recitals at a young age.  I was a wee little tater tot dancing at age 4 when I first honed the look. Since then every time I would see this it would remind me of dance recitals. But now…NOW! I think it’s such a sexy, fun hot look especially dressed up for a night on the town! I have a coral color by KORRES (my favorite makeup line) and have my eye on a CHANEL tube. YIKES! I saw it and stopped mid step. I’ll have to add that to my Christmas Wish List – Christina XO



Hey everyone! Slowly but surely I am bringing this BLOG to life! Tell your friends about it and most of all ENJOY!

Last year I produced, created and performed my one woman physical comedy show, WILD ROSE” to sold out audiences at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and  Bumbershoot festival in Seattle Washington. It was both an extraordinary and gratifying experience to create a 6o minute show bouncing between over a dozen characters and finding new surprises each time it was performed. Talula Rose, is a  5’1 cosmetics counter employee who decides today is the day she will become a world – famous supermodel” . Talula has now branched off into radio with her podcast, Talking with Talula”. CHECK IT OUT! Pass it along to friends, laugh  and most of all SUBSCRIBE. – Christina