Free Moustache Ride

Alright! This is really bothering me. Over the past year I’ve noticed this creepy old school bus down the street from me stuffed with garbage, fake limbs, masks and a few other things that I can’t really decipher. It looks as if it is straight out of a Steven King film. Sprayed across the front of it in black paint are the words, “FREE MOUSTACHE RIDES”. For those of you who know what this is YIKES!…. To me, this is the creepiest advertisement around especially on a school bus in a friendly neighborhood. I walk past it during the day (or should I say lightly run as my nerves kick in) and it gives me the heebe jeebies just as much as it does at night when I bolt home. And with my imagination, I scare myself conjuring up scenes of a masked carni-villain-creature (I made up that term) jumping out of the bus chasing me down the street! I wish someone would move this thing! I hope to god he’s not a bus driver OR handing out candy to the kids for Halloween tomorrow night. Ladies! watch out…Unless your interested in a Free Moushtache Ride.- Christina XO


The Life Game

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take part in the workshop of THE LIFE GAME created by the brilliant Keith Johnstone. Tonight, it is presented  in Vancouver at the Granville Island Revue Stage Theatre for 1 NIGHT ONLY!!
Trust me, You’ll love it. Here are a few details for the show.
“Good impro can make you laugh, we love it, but soon the content is forgotten. Good scenes from The Life Game stay with you always. They haunt you.” -Keith Johnstone
Experience Reality Theatre.
Each night a different guest is interviewed on stage about their life. The show takes the bare bones of a Guest’s life story, and then transforms that information, then and there, into a magical piece of theatre.
The audience leaves the theatre, NOT just chatting about what they saw onstage, but instead examining their own lives.
Everyone has a story to tell…and in Life Game those stories can be told.
“…You actually end up feeling very cherished and honored. Your ordinariness is made special.” -Life Game Guest 

Our guest:
Playwright, Actor & Mom
Lucia Frangione

Lucia Frangione is a Vancouver playwright and actor best known for writing Espresso, Paradise Garden and Cariboo Magi.
She is a Mom to a five-year old named Nora and their favourite past
time is making bread together and rocking out to ACDC. Lucia
… grew up with a Dad who owned a latino disco karaoke bar and a Mom who raised llamas. She has a fetish for thumbs, hates the word “insert”, loves to play squash and has dashed across the Arctic snow in a dog sled as far North as Banks Island.

Directed Live by Improvisation Guru and creator of the Life Game:
Keith Johnstone

Produced by Jeff Gladstone, Veena Sood, & Ashwin Sood

Featuring The Life Game ensemble:
Brian Anderson, Jeff Gladstone, Ryan Gladstone,
Denise Jones, Tom Jones, David Milchard,
Veena Sood, Lori Triolo, Tallulah Winkelman

Monday, October 25th, 7:30pm, reception to follow
Revue Theatre, Granville Island (1601 Johnson Street)
Tickets available through Tickets Tonight, or At The Door
$25.00 or $20.00 students


The Lost Cardigan

What a bummer, I was walking home last night with one of my favorite cardigans draped over my bag and BOOM when I got home I realized it was gone….I must have dropped it along route. Sigh…..It was my all time favorite grey and black striped cardigan courtesy of Joe Fresh. Don’t you just hate that? When you lose one of your favorite items?  I should have known better. The cardigan you throw over your tank tops, tees, even pajamas. Oh sweet cardigan, I hope you made it to someone else’s body that may need it more that I do. That’s all. I just needed to get that out. – Christina XO


The Wing Nuts Bowling League

The past weekend was pretty busy, I took in two fantastic theatre shows, “Lobby Hero” at the Havana starring the talented Loretta Walsh and “Thunderstick” at the Firehall Arts Center staring another friend of mine, the very funny Craig Lauzon (Royal Canadian Air Farce) and Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas). I also managed to squeeze in a night of bowling. WOW! I haven’t bowled in years. I remember when I was younger I would go to bowling birthday parties in my home town. The smell of smoke would fill the air, bowling shoes were not too clean, and plates of pizza and fries would be passed along the score sheets.

What a difference now! The bowling lanes were CLEAN! No smoke (phew!), you can’t eat while you play, almost new shoes (as far as they looked), I even bought a pair of socks for $3.00 because I forgot mine. I thought I was renting them at first thinking, No way could rental socks be $3.oo! So I took them. Then realized I had bought them. Next time I should remember to bring my own socks! A few friends of mine and I went to the Commodore lanes and Billiards for an hour of F-U-N. I didn’t realize how much aggression one could take out on that 5 pin. Maybe that was just me. You’re not supposed to bounce the ball on the lane right? But I even placed second with a few strikes that helped me raise my game. To rent for an hour was $30.00. Round up some friends, have a beer or two and you are set. I’m starting to think I want to start a bowling night, get into teams and dressing up in proper bowling league attire is a MUST. The name, “The Wing Nuts” came to mind. Hmmm…What do you think? – Christina XO