a Geriatric MoMent .

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I was waiting for da bus the other day when an older lady sat next to me. My weakness: old people. They smile, I get verklempt. They speak, I get verklempt, they sit in a restaurant alone, I can’t handle it. It’s just my thing. I imagine the worst: she just lost her husband, she can’t find her way back home, she’s not wearing her wedding ring…uh oh, I want to give her a hug and shout at the top of my lungs, “WILL SOMEONE HELP THIS LADY, SHE’S LOST”!!! Good thing I don’t.

The older lady chatted about the ugly condo in mid construction across the street. I complained how the bus was taking so **F&*KING long. She mentioned how different the city has changed, “the condos are blocking our beautiful scenery”, “London Drugs used to be my home” (not literally) but on the main street. I soon forgot about the bus and was far more interested in her tales.

Our dialogue went something like this;

ME: It will be interesting to see what the city will look like in 5 years.

LADY: (smiling) I don’t think I’ll be here.

ME: (what I wanted to say): “where are you going?”

LADY: (what I actually said): oh you’ll be here….you young whippersnapper”…you….

I trail off. She smiles and continues to strut her way onto the bus that finally arrives. As I stood behind her a few heads taller, foot still in my mouth, I couldn’t help but smile at her jovial demeanor.

She struck a chord in me when she said, “I don’t think I’ll be here”. I started fast forwarding to where I want or think I should be in 5 years. Questions swarmed in my head, “What if I’m not here?”, “Who will get all of my shoes?”, “I better hide my diaries!” and so on and so forth, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, boom. I quickly shook off the nonsensical rumbles of chatter in my elaborate imagination. My nona lived to be 105, my grandfather is 89, I figure if I keep eating my greens and Nutella I’d like to hit 100. And if I end up in a retirement home, I’ll be the little old lady busting out costumes from her tickle trunk and putting on shows for the staff. Yup. That sounds great!!!! Or, convert the tuck shop into a kissing booth, $1.00 a kiss. Or 3 for $5.00. I would make millions for my grandchildren!!!!

So, after convincing myself that aging gracefully and with spunk is a fabulous option, I let out a breathe of air. I reminded myself to enjoy every moment, savour those conversations with loved ones, and learn from your elders. Maybe that afternoon I was the one with the geriatric moment and not my new friend.

A homage to women of all ages. I am a huge fan of Socialite Alice Apfel. She is amongst my all time favourite women. Her eccentric style and persona is what makes this 95 year old stand out. She’s been quoted as saying, ‘I’m a geriatric starlet. Her exuberant outfits and flying-saucer glasses have turned her into a style icon. BE YOU at any age. I have a feeling we’d get along just fine. – CS xx

** ridiculously







The White Russian.

What is it about the White Russian

It reminds me of the adult who still orders milk at a restaurant except with liquor so they don’t look 6. Maybe I’m being a little harsh here, but we’ve all seen this. And to each their own. You want to order milk with your pasta, go ahead. But it’s just plain weird. And trust me, I know what it’s like to be weird (I’m a pro at it). I mean gee whiz, your listening to the gal who loves to drink tea and chew gum at the same time. I like how the gum softens and almost melts in my mouth part. The delicious juice of the flavoured gum mixed with my hot cup of tea (especially peppermint) is as delightful tasting as Nutella on toast. It makes it easy to chew especially if you have an achy jaw. Speaking of jaw, I still haven’t found my retainer. I flung it out of my mouth one night and haven’t seen it since. I also talk in my sleep so I’m really not sure what happened but I do know it is nowhere to be found. I clearly have a ghost in my apartment who needs it more that I do. I never thought in a million years that I would utter these words but here goes, “I miss you retainer”. Weird. No? Yes. Milk and cookies I get – you have the dunk factor. Milk and tomato sauce? Well, that’s just a no, no. Please don’t order milk with your pasta. Alright I’m going off on a tangent.

I do like the odd White Russian, especially with Almond Milk. Add some coffee in there and boom! You got a Hot Black Russian. I’ll take that. I’ll even take that over ice. How can one resist? Wait a sec, what are we talking about? Oh yes! Right. The cocktail. Well, come to think of it, Who even says a White Russian has to be a drink? – CS xx


What makes you tick?

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First and foremost the fact that I wake up and my heart is still beating like a drum makes me tick. Since I’m on vacation in Kauai the sound of a rooster “cocka doodle dooing” in the wee morning hours makes me tick. The ocean waves, hot sun, sounds of nature, breathtaking landscapes and of course the many talents of the surfers make me tick! The sun sets, sun rises, melting in the sun make me tick. The sound of coffee percolating, the smell of coffee in the air and the taste of coffee in my mouth part all make me tick. Yum. After 1, 2, 4 cups of Kauai Coffee Company coffee I am in coffee heaven. I am addicted to the Chocolate Macadamia Nut. I went to visit the plant and after a few samples you can imagine I was bouncing off the walls, doing hand stands in the cafe, hula hooping in the shop, doing bits of standup in the plant…..Oh wait a minute, this is what I wanted to do but I held back for once. I felt sorry for my boyfriend who felt like he had his hands full, but after I bought him a cappuccino chocolate chunk cookie he was happy. Until I ate it. Oopsie Daisy. A gal can only try. And I’ve already expressed how I feel about an amazing homemade chocolate cookie time and time again. I’ve already stocked up on such flavours as Vanilla Macadamia Nut, Hazelnut Macadamia and a Coconut Caramel Crunch. But the Chocolate is the best. I get so excited just thinking about my next cup. I’ve even got to the point of sniffing a bag when no one is looking. You could even order it online and they will ship it for free to you. I’m addicted. – CS xx

So, what makes you tick? CS xx


Kauai Coffee Company

Restroom Art

Ricky The Rooster


Tis the season to be shop hopping.

Hello my lovelies! Ti’s the season to be shop hopping. What are your favourite stores to shop in? Strolling the streets of Vancouver and wandering into my favourite little boutiques is my weakness. I think Vancouver has some of the most amazing and unique shops to visit (and splurge in) I often shop locally and purchase from independent designers and vintage. This time of year is perfect for buying unique gifts for those you love. I always find something different and affordable cause really, at this age what do you buy for those who have everything they need? And for those who can buy their own items?…I’d say, Something small, something different, something they can use forever! Here are a few of my top favourite shops that sell unique and eclectic items by a variety of independent designers. Thank you for filling my retail therapy needs. – CS xx


1. ONE OF A FEW – 346 Water Street (Gastown)

2. Nouvelle Nouvelle209 Abbott St. 

3. Community Thrift and Vintage  – 41 West Cordova St. 

4.  The Fair  – 415 Abbott St. 

5. Oliver and Lilly’s – 1520 West 13th Ave

6. VIOLET BOUTIQUE – 1312 Granville St.

Fine Finds Boutique – 1014 Mainland St.

DREAM – 311 West Cordova




Mc Menamins and Brenda Lee.

I stumbled upon what I thought was an Elementary school and soon realized it was one of nearly sixty brewpubs, microbreweries, music venues, hotels, and theatre pubs founded by two brothers Mike and Brian Mc Menamins in the early 70’s. This was Mc Menamins, a chain  located mostly in the  Portland metropolitan area with other locations in Oregon and Washington. I was in awe at how this Elementary school was transformed into EVERYTHING you’d want at your fingertips and yet the layout of the school was kept the same. The hour dinner break had turned into more than two. By the time I finished running down the hallways, drinking from kid fountains, and exploring every nook and cranny of this place of genius I was pooped. Good thing I got a free coffee to wind me up again….and a delicious bottle of Pino Noir to put me back to sleep on the drive home….well I had a sippy cup. – Christina xx

I love Christmas time…yes I’m that gal who listens to such Christmas tunes by Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Brenda Lee and so forth. I’ve had some great influences growing up. And yes…I’m the gal who loves when the Christmas tunes start playing in November. If only I started my Christmas shopping that early…I tend to leave it to the last week so I don’t buy for myself, but whose kidding? I still do! Here’s my helper. I’ve had him since I was a baby, Say hi to Santa Gumby!


The Fascinating Fascinator Hat.

I’ve always been fascinated with hats from a young age. They are like a pair of shoes, you can never have too many and you always feel different in whichever one you wear. Weather its a ball cap, fedora, bolero, sun hat or even a visor. From a young age, I admired my grandmothers hats. She wore them with class, style and carried herself with grace. I’m more of a clutz. But a graceful clutz if you will. She had a vast collection where most lay preciously in their hat boxes. I inherited a few of them that are very special to me but none of them come close to the fascinator hat. I really am fascinated with the fascinator hat and have yet to sport one. And why not!? If princess Beatrice of York can so can I! Somewhere…someday…maybe in the next show of mine. But for now I’ll admire it from afar. Modern fascinators are generally made with feathers, beads or flowers and attach to the hair with a comb, clip or headband (I’ve sported a few of these). Now some tid bits on the fascinator hat.

A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery. The word originally referred to a fine, lacy head covering akin to a shawl made from wool or lace. The term had fallen almost into disuse by the 1970’s. In the early 21st century, the term made a comeback, but the meaning has slightly changed; it is now used to describe a delicate, slightly to very frivolous head decoration worn almost exclusively by women. A fascinator may be worn instead of a hat to occasions where hats were traditionally worn-such as weddings-or as an evening accessory, when it may be called a cocktail hat. It is generally worn-such as weddings-or as an evening accessory when it may be called a cocktail hat. It is generally worn with a fairly formal attire. (WIKIPEDIA). A few pics of some outlandish fascinator hats. Where’s yours? – Christina XO

Princess Beatrice, she looks like a character in a Tim Burton film.

Maybe not a fascinator hat but I love this hat! I bought it for my show, “WILD ROSE”. It was absolutely perfect!



I came across this quote by supermodel Kate Moss. And LOVED IT!  In my opinion, there are no rules to fun. We should make everyday a FUNDAY- Christina XO




Love this song, “Be My Baby” – Vanessa Paradis.


gEttiNG tO kNOw stylist, MicHElle AdDiSOn

Welcome to the “Getting To Know You” Segment with Stylist Michelle Addison of Jesse Carlson Wardrobe. I met the gorgeous and talented Michelle a few years back in an acting class and then frequently at one of my all time favorite Gastown boutiques. I am always fond of our random chats and was excited to learn of Michelle’s exciting new adventure.  I hope you all enjoy – Christina XO

RARE LITTLE BIRD- “Getting To Know You” Segment.

WHO: Michelle Addison
WHAT: Personal Stylist
COMPANY: Jessie Carlson Wardrobe

€    Mini Eggs OR Maltesers? Mini eggs

If you had your own reality show what would it be called? “have style will travel”

€    You were store manager at: A. One of a Few B. Urban Behavior C. Tim Hortons. How did this role as well as past experiences inspire you to become a personal stylist? I loved working at One of a Few. I got to meet some great people, wear amazing clothes from great designers and work with Michelle Rizzardo who has really helped me define my own sense of style.  She always encouraged me to do personal styling and suggested I help people with their closets and I guess that gave me confidence to just go for it. And then I found Jessie and things just fell into place.

€    Describe a typical day in the life for you as a wife, mother, actress and personal stylist?
Well a typical day I wake up at 6am, not by choice, but because my daughter refuses to sleep in!! We usually get to spend the morning together playing in her playhouse, going to gymnastics etc., and then I will work with a client in the afternoon for a few hours either “cleansing a closet” or going shopping. On the rare occasion that I have an audition as well, I usually spend the morning talking to myself (practising my lines) which Stella thinks is just the weirdest thing and then dragging her to an audition. Luckily I haven’t met anyone who wasn’t willing to sit with her in the waiting room while I went in for my 5 minute thing. I am home for dinner which is very uninspired except if my husband is home in which case he cooks and it always tastes amazing. Stella goes to sleep at 7 so then I try to catch up on some emails. Is that exciting enough for you?
Hahahah Yes! Busy Bee.

€    Flashback to the 90’s. What would YOU be wearing on a  “Girls Night Out?” Oh God… it depends if it was early 90’s or late 90’s…early nineties I would be wearing big star jeans with green doc martins and a guess jeans t-shirt (at around 14) and late 90’s I would be wearing some sort of black turtleneck with a scarf and a short skirt. I loved the turtleneck plus the scarf in theatre school. AND I always wore a short skirt whether it was appropriate or not.

€    What is your personal style and how has your fashion sense changed throughout the years? Oh my fashion has changed big-time. I think that when I was younger I experimented a lot. Being an actress for so long you get really into the bohemian thing which isn’t always that cool. I would say that i have gotten less spontaneous over the years and have started investing in some good quality pieces that will stand the test of time. I am not so into buying so much bulk anymore. I am much more choosy, that’s not to say that I don’t buy any of the trendy things but maybe one or two and I will only wear the things that look good on my body type. Most trends aren’t for everyone.  It wasn’t until I started working in retail and working with my clients that I found my niche which I would say is classic and comfortable with an edge. I also think becoming older and more confident in my own skin has worked wonders on my sense of style. I can firmly stand behind all my fashion choices.

€    There are a lot of personal stylists in Vancouver, Why Jessie Carlson? And how do both of your personal fashion tastes balance one another? I honestly can say that working with/for Jessie has been such a gift. I totally admire her sense of self and her sense of style. Our styles compliment each other because both of us ultimately believes in less is more and we always sway towards timeless and classic…but I think that I bring a little edge to the company and I adore  accessorizing which I believe can really set you apart for personal style. On the whole we agree on most things except maybe bows…i like them! Jessie just had a baby a few months ago so it has been great sharing a career and motherhood with her.

€    Some women/men dread putting together outfits, are critical of themselves and often get frustrated with knowing “what’s in” or “what makes them feel special”. Describe your relationship with your clients and how you gain their trust in meeting their needs and making them feel comfortable in their skin? I would say that I gain their trust because I really know clothes, I have a good sense of what looks good with what. I try to use what my clients have in their closet to help them put together outfits that they might not have thought of. But I find that most people are lacking the basics, a good heel, a coat, a great pair of jeans- the boring stuff really- but if you don’t have those things it’s really hard to find an outfit to go with your neon shirt that you may have picked up on sale!! I also find that being a mom helps too because I am constantly bending and rolling around on the floor I need things that work for my lifestyle and so do other moms yes, you can be stylish and be a mom!!

€    Rachel Zoe, Nicole Chavez OR Andrea Lieberman? Nicole Chavez… except that I love Andrea’s clothing line A.L.C too!!

€    Choice of “relaxation” beverage? Mint tea

€   What is your favorite event to dress a client for? “The not-trying-too-hard first date” Oh and I would love to dress someone for the Toronto Film Fest..So Christina get on it!!

LOL  I WILL! BELIEVE ME! It’s on my goal list and I’ll know who to hire!

€  Weather it be a celebrity, anchorman, political leader or Christina Sicoli, Who would you love to dress and Why?
Other than you… I guess it would be nice to dress celebrities for the sheer fact that they go to so many parties and I love dressing women for parties…but I also like dressing everyday women just as much. It gives me great joy to watch women and men’s confidence soar when they feel good in what they are wearing. We have just launched men’s styling and I absolutely love dressing men. They are way more daring than you would think. So…maybe Brad Pitt? I would like to dress him.

€  Tell me about the HIGH-END-RE-SALE that is being held on March 19th  from 2-5pm at The Center For Peace. Why should we come? Well you should come because it will be amazing clothes from amazingly stylish women’s closets. Michelle from One of a Few, Dace, Isabelle Dunlop, Jessie and myself and some other VERY fashionable people. Lots of different sizes, designer brands and new and hardly worn clothing. It will be like going to a consignment store except it won’t suck. AND it will be really cheap…did I mention that I am selling my Prada heels for $60?? I mean seriously it is a fashion lovers dream come true. I suggest coming early because the great stuff will go fast. We are planning on doing it every year. Partial proceeds will be going to Avalon a center for women who are struggling with addiction.

€    What “tools” or “themes” do you use to identify a client with helping them create their own unique sense of style? For example, personality, first impression, the music they listen to, magazines they read. That is a good question!!  I would say that entering into someone’s closet and bedroom gives me a great sense of what kind of person they are. I get to see what they have picked out for themselves and what they have held on to for years. And when we go shopping together I can tell right away whether they are going to go for an outfit or not. I would never put someone in something that they didn’t love. Some might be afraid of an outfit because it takes them out of their comfort zone but all see the possibility for themselves…you can’t argue with how good you look.

€    How often do you purchase magazines? (Which ones are they) I purchase a ton of magazines- first Canadian ones- Fashion and Flare- because it is important to know what we have in Canada, and I have a subscription to Vogue of course, i like nylon(for accessories), Bazaar, British Vogue and I actually read a lot of the fashion blogs now… I appreciate funny commentary.

€    We all indulge in retail therapy from time to time OR most of the time. YIKES! You are doing this most days. How do you cope with a fussy or demanding client not to mention being around clothing (for yourself too) ? (the fussy or demanding client) I have never had one. I have had the pleasure of working with very open-minded people. Some people might be stressed about the pressure of an event or trip and need to get it exactly right but as long as they stay open-minded it goes very smoothly…mainly because someone else is helping them with the decision making. AND my retail therapy? yes, I do shop a lot for other people and i can’t help eyeing certain pieces myself. If I am completely obsessed with something it will usually find its way into my closet. But luckily I do so much research for other people who I am not really an impulse buyer anymore. I have thought long and hard when it comes to putting down the plastic.

€    If you had a choice of only three items of wardrobe. Ok four items of wardrobe to bring with you on a trip to Hawaii (No, I’m not taking you…sorry). What would they be?
Oh…thanks for the invite but I can’t make it anyway. I always find my wardrobe so satisfying when I am away because you can plan each outfit in advance, don’t you? I usually over pack 😦
€    Hawaii:
€    a long or short strapless jersey dress (for the beach and perfect to throw on after the beach),
€    brown strappy flat sandals,
€    jean cut off shorts(will be very popular this summer),
€    a pair of flats
€    a great black sun dress(to wear with flip flops or dinner out)
€    at least two white tank tops (get new ones – you’ll like them really white with your tan)
€    I think i might be packing your whole suitcase now…

€    What’s the best advice you can give to any of your clients? If you don’t think you have a good sense of style- don’t worry- you can always hire someone- and take the credit.

€    Shakespeare OR Anna Sui’s latest book? I like going to see shakespeare I don’t necessarily like reading shakespeare so I would say the anna sui book…although i didn’t know she had a new book…

€     How would you dress “Michelle Addison” for an Awards Gala if she came to you with “nothing to wear”?
Head to toe Stella Mcartney or Isabel Marant

Occupation: Actress/Comedienne/Super Cool Chick
You get to dress me for a Film Festival Gala.
I would put you in this Rachel Gilbert Dress- how amazing would you look in this dress…to die for!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!  Let’s Do It!

Thank you Michelle! Everyone go and support a great cause at the High End Re Sale on March 19th! And hire Michelle if you need an amazing personal stylist! – Christina XO


Getting To Know Oliver and Lilly’s

I hope everyone had a Happy Turkey weekend!  It’s been awhile, I took a slight hiatus with my blog, but I am back! One of my favorite things about fall is the cool crisp air and the change in colors of the leaves. Every night reminds me of Halloween. There is always something in the air. I look forward to checking out fall collections and frequent my favorite stores in search of something new or used. And here is one of them for my “Top 20 Getting To Know You”.
A few years ago I discovered a hidden gem in the South Granville Area. A little boutique called Oliver and Lilly’s owned and operated by the ever charming Leighann Boquist. There is never a moment when I’m not greeted with a warm smile and friendly demeanor. I always look forward to chatting with Leighann about the latest pieces she’s brought in  and the cool vintage items she has placed around her gem. It has now become one of my favorite Go To shoppes when I am looking for something for an event, audition, or everyday wear. It has something to offer for the fashion forward gal. Whether it be casual or dressy, Oliver and Lilly’s offers a unique selection and a few of my personal favorite labels such as “Something Else” by Natalie Wood, Charlotte Ronson, Steven Alan and Alternative Apparel. I had the pleasure of learning a bit about Leighann and her fabulous store in my TOP 20: GETTING TO KNOW YOU. Enjoy! – Christina XO

Name: Leighann Boquist
Title: Owner/Buyer
Shoppe: Oliver & Lilly’s
1. Hot Chocolate OR Coffee with Bailey’s? Ooooh, for sure Coffee with baileys.
2. What inspired you to open Oliver & Lilly’s, and WHO are Oliver & Lilly? Oliver and Lilly are two names I came up with for a college project, and the names stuck with me when I decided to open a shop.  As for what inspired me to open Oliver & Lilly’s…  A little of everything really; I always wanted a shop to call my own and truly the timing was right.
3. What makes your shoppe stand out from the rest in the South Granville block? The bright red balloons and our approachable price range.
4. Describe a typical day for you? Lately it’s been… Wake at 5:30am pour myself a massive mug of coffee, head out to meet my friend for a run on the seawall. Home for coffee & breakfast, then start the workday which usually wraps up around 7 or 8 pm. Come home, throw on some comfies make or order in some dinner then just enjoy the evening. (Most days)
5. VOGUE or NYLON magazine? Vogue
6. How should a woman feel when they walk into your Shoppe? My hope is that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. The shop has a lovely vibe to it, and we really hope others feel it too.
7. What are your 3 favorite words? ‘I love you’ and ‘hi auntie Lanny’
8. What are some of the brands in your store? And tell me why you chose these particulars. To name a few: Steven Alan, Heidi Merrick, Demylee, Ali Ro, James Jeans, Eze Sur Mer, Alternative Apparel (and more) All chosen because they’re the perfect blend for everyday wear.
9. If you were allowed only 3 items from your Shoppe to bring with you on a tropical island what would they be? Hmmm… well, a Cuche bikini for swimming, a Rocky Hoodie to keep me warm, and then a long Heidi Merrick dress for the tropical evenings; all worn with bare feet of course.
10. Describe your style: T-shirt meets cardigan meets jeans meets flats.
11. Do you believe white to be a faux pas after Labor Day? Not at all.
12. What have you learned from opening up your own business? I’ve learned the value of sleep and exercise.
13. Any advice for inspired entrepreneurs? My advice for inspiring entrepreneurs is to work in the specific industry that you are interested in. Get a taste for it; see if it’s really for you.  Make a plan, do your research, and then just take the leap.  Follow your instincts and you’ll be okay. Every day you’ll learn more efficient and effective ways to work the operations of your business.  The biggest step is just getting started. It all will come together.
14. Who are your fashion influences? I’m presently inspired by Kerri Russell and Gwyneth Paltrow.
15. Rolling Stones OR KISS? Rolling Stones.
16. What is the most important piece of advice u give to a customer when they are trying on items in your Shoppe? I always express that it’s important to be comfortable in the items and to not have to fuss much with it. Who wants to always be adjusting / fussing with what they’re wearing throughout the day.
17. Tell me a little bit about your background. Did you go to Business OR Art School? I went to college for general studies and then to Blanche Macdonald and studied fashion. For the past 10 years I worked in the visual side of retail with smaller boutiques to large national chain stores.  Come 2007 the American company I was working for was issuing layoffs and my department was one of them. It really was the perfect jumping point to begin considering starting my own business…. and well, now we’re here! And super happy to be here at that!
18. What did you want to be when you were a little girl? I wanted to be a choreographer for music videos. And then maybe Madonna, Debbie Gibson or Stacy Q (remember the song Two of Heart’s?) YES!!
19. Pretty In Pink OR Pretty Woman? Pretty Woman
20. Do you travel for work? If so, where is your favorite destination city? If not, where do you love to go for a weekend of fashion and fun? Right now we travel to Los Angeles for work. As for favorite destination cities for fashion and fun, I have three; New York, LA and San Francisco. Three completely opposite places, each with their own distinct vibes.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!   GO AND CHECK OUT  OLIVER AND LILLY’S!!! You Won’t Be Disappointed. I never am. Well only when I can’t buy. That’s one big BOO.


The Selby

If you haven’t browsed through Todd Selby’s vibrant new book,The Selby is in your place” I highly suggest you do. I first noticed it in a store window a while back (yes bright colors do stop me in my tracks as well as other things) and immediately started browsing through it. I couldn’t put this book down. Todd Selby is a photographer, blogger and fashion celebrity who takes portraits of compelling and creative people including authors, artists, designers, musicians and friends. He goes into their home environment (with their approval of course) and captures their lifestyle in an eclectic, interesting and artful way. Each profile is accompanied by watercolor portraits of his subjects and objects from their homes.  It explodes with rich color, vintage pieces, art, mini interviews and a glimpse of people’s personal spaces such as their lofts, apartments, closets, bedrooms, you name it, he captures it. Todd takes us to New York City, Los Angeles, and other amazing places around the globe. I’ve been very inspired by many of the interior designs and accents in these places and admit to being a bit obsessed with redecorating my place with a few of these unique ideas. It never hurts to spruce up your living space with a few antiques and vintage pieces, Non?  Check out for further info on the amazing Todd Selby. And Todd if your reading, you can take my picture anytime. – Christina XO