Baked Face and a 15 Minute Mani.

Tweet MeSome people get very excited about St. Patty’s Day. I think when I was younger I would get excited because I went to St. Patrick’s School and I thought I was special. I was that child who strayed from the group and looked very closely on the green grass for a tiny, miniature man in green. I wanted to be the first to say, “I found one!” “I found one!” only to realize it was  just an earth worm moving sluggishly on the ground. Sigh. I don’t wear green very often, as a matter of fact if I were to wear the colour you could find it on my nails, or even my undies. Yep I said it and now you know.

Last week I got a free manicure at the CHANEL counter at Holt Renfrew. I know, I’m a pretty big spender these days. I got the flyer in the mail and thought BOOM let’s get me nails done. I’m feeling Irish. I didn’t want to go for natural, or pink, or coral I decided to go with something a little darker, magical…maybe it was the rain that day. Yeah it was. I opted for this amazing colour, “Black Pearl” . It says Black, but don’t let the name fool you. It’s deceiving. Because when it glides on your nail bed it has a glimmer of a dark greyish green…seaweed, mossy colour. Mmmmmm I should have bought some Sake to go with it. It’s application is smooth and lasts for a few days. And bonus! I look super cool when I drink a cup of coffee (coffee cup in picture).

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What are you doing tomorrow night?  I’m checking out the TRUE HEROINES  : The Corporation show  at the Electric Owl. The odd time I have the honour of hosting this fabulous cabaret show as Mama Spagootch (Talula Rose) and even get to do a sexy bit myself. If you call dancing with a banana or swinging with scarves sexy, YOU are my kinda person. If you want to see some really  sexy dancing, beautiful people and yummy singing numbers you should come on down and support. Get there early cause the houses are packed. I’m taking autographs at the back. Kidding. Geesh! (but seriously if you do want one). I think I’m drinking too much coffee right now.

Well. have a beauty of a day! Here’ an inspiration to work with.

Some how I feel like I can relate to the neurotic, witty, character : Woody Allen. Yes, I’m a nerd but he’s on my Directors To Work With list. A gals gotta have a list…..and a dream.  CS xx



CHELSEA BROOKE ROISUM – photographer extraordinaire. Seriously! This gal is one talented, beautifully charming human being! She made me forget about my stuffy, snotty nose for one afternoon. I chucked my Vick’s Vapour Rub out the window (I didn’t. I just wanted to sound dramatic), threw on a medley of clothing, makeup and brought my imagination. Together we collaborated on amazing creativity and captured some fine moments of the deliciously unexpected. My kind of afternoon, when work is PLAY. Well, when anything is PLAY. I’m having a moment here ……beat beat beat…… Alright! I’m back. This was one fine afternoon of magical gifts, a camera and two gals!. – CS xx


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