moVie MarATHon

Lately, I’ve been bombarding my creative juices with a lot of movie watching and writing. I’m trying not to spend money and have become a hermit until the funds start flowing in again. My best friend the past couple of weekends has been my computer, the movie theatre (thank you Cineplex Odeon gift card) and my t.v. I’ve been catching up on old movies and dvd collections that I’ve been meaning to watch. This past weekend I watched all three Godfather’s. I’ve seen them when I was younger but have had the urge to re watch them and appreciate the amazing film making of Francis Ford Coppola. I must say the Italians know how to make a film. Then again, I am bias! I found this You tube clip of Al Pacino’s audition, the early days of his career and found it inspiring. A young unknown actor snubbed by the networks but admired and persisted by the director. Sometimes you just need to trust that when the role is right it’s right. – Christina XO



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