The White Russian.

What is it about the White Russian

It reminds me of the adult who still orders milk at a restaurant except with liquor so they don’t look 6. Maybe I’m being a little harsh here, but we’ve all seen this. And to each their own. You want to order milk with your pasta, go ahead. But it’s just plain weird. And trust me, I know what it’s like to be weird (I’m a pro at it). I mean gee whiz, your listening to the gal who loves to drink tea and chew gum at the same time. I like how the gum softens and almost melts in my mouth part. The delicious juice of the flavoured gum mixed with my hot cup of tea (especially peppermint) is as delightful tasting as Nutella on toast. It makes it easy to chew especially if you have an achy jaw. Speaking of jaw, I still haven’t found my retainer. I flung it out of my mouth one night and haven’t seen it since. I also talk in my sleep so I’m really not sure what happened but I do know it is nowhere to be found. I clearly have a ghost in my apartment who needs it more that I do. I never thought in a million years that I would utter these words but here goes, “I miss you retainer”. Weird. No? Yes. Milk and cookies I get – you have the dunk factor. Milk and tomato sauce? Well, that’s just a no, no. Please don’t order milk with your pasta. Alright I’m going off on a tangent.

I do like the odd White Russian, especially with Almond Milk. Add some coffee in there and boom! You got a Hot Black Russian. I’ll take that. I’ll even take that over ice. How can one resist? Wait a sec, what are we talking about? Oh yes! Right. The cocktail. Well, come to think of it, Who even says a White Russian has to be a drink? – CS xx


Pink Is My New Obsession.

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(an interpretive dance)

Bright Lips . Tulips . Popsicle . Diamonds . Lemonade . Bright Nails . Silk  

Kisses . Cupcakes . Body Cream . Candle Wax . High Heels . Lace 

Barely There . Underwear . Flirting . Heartbeats . Cotton Candy .

Ballet Shoes . Tongue Tied . Champagne . Dreams . Lover .

Bunny Bunny . Mousse . Grapefruit .

Tickle Me . Softly . Sweetheart .

Smartie . Lullaby

Fate .


Artist . Zoe Pawlak . "Heaven Hold On"

Artist . Zoe Pawlak . “Heaven Hold On”

Liz Taylor . Pretty In Pink

Liz Taylor . Pretty In Pink

dv . dolce vita cheetah oxfords


What’s your obsession? I have lots – CS xx


Mc Menamins and Brenda Lee.

I stumbled upon what I thought was an Elementary school and soon realized it was one of nearly sixty brewpubs, microbreweries, music venues, hotels, and theatre pubs founded by two brothers Mike and Brian Mc Menamins in the early 70’s. This was Mc Menamins, a chain  located mostly in the  Portland metropolitan area with other locations in Oregon and Washington. I was in awe at how this Elementary school was transformed into EVERYTHING you’d want at your fingertips and yet the layout of the school was kept the same. The hour dinner break had turned into more than two. By the time I finished running down the hallways, drinking from kid fountains, and exploring every nook and cranny of this place of genius I was pooped. Good thing I got a free coffee to wind me up again….and a delicious bottle of Pino Noir to put me back to sleep on the drive home….well I had a sippy cup. – Christina xx

I love Christmas time…yes I’m that gal who listens to such Christmas tunes by Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Brenda Lee and so forth. I’ve had some great influences growing up. And yes…I’m the gal who loves when the Christmas tunes start playing in November. If only I started my Christmas shopping that early…I tend to leave it to the last week so I don’t buy for myself, but whose kidding? I still do! Here’s my helper. I’ve had him since I was a baby, Say hi to Santa Gumby!


Airport Sightings.

There is nothing more fun than people watching at the airport, especially in Atlanta Georgia. I had some time to kill on my way home last weekend from a wonderful wedding. After flipping through the latest issue of In Style and casually glancing up at the people around me, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of characters in my view. This particular lady jumped out at me, she was doing some simple stretches for about 5 minutes before her flight. And Why Not?? Those seats aren’t the most comfortable. I wanted to take more but she started looking my way. That wouldn’t of been good. So the next time you forget a book, magazine or even your Ipod, look around , you have the best entertainment in front of you. – CS XO




rAiNY dIStrACTion.

All day I’ve been distracted and I blame the weather. I honestly don’t mind a rainy day… they are perfect days for sitting in my office a.k.a  the kitchen table (one can imagine) light some candles, put on some tunes and write. So I started to take advantage of it. That was my plan. Instead I wrote a bit, downloaded some tunes, surfed the net, cleaned, went to yoga, checked my hair, stared out the window and visualized a sunny beach. I started looking at some pictures of when I was in California, particularly Venice Beach. I love Venice. It was this time last year where I spent many o days taking in the smell of the ocean, the vitamin D, running along the ocean, character watching, listening to the sounds of the waves, enjoying happy hour and living like a local! It’s amazing where a picture will take you on a rainy afternoon. – Christina XO


ThE goOd oL dAys

For those who know me, I’m a very nostalgic person. You give me a picture of when I was 4, I’d probably start to cry. Show me a picture of my grandparents dancing like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire …TEARS. One of my favorite things to do when I go back home is flip through the  many albums that my dad put together over the years. I’m not talking about just one or two but A LOT. They range from the early 70’s (my favorite) to the present day. I look at the days of when I was a wee little peanut, the things my family did, what I wore, old class photos, who we spent time with and always wipe the drool from my mouth as I gaze at the cool old vintage clothing that I wish had been saved for me. I laugh at the fact that my brother and I looked like twin boys and savour every moment down memory lane. I love it! No one can take that lane away. It will always be there and I will continue to cherish the special memories I’ve had. “In My Life” by the Beatles is a very special song to me. I think anyone who hears it can attach their own personal memories to it. I was just listening to it when it reminded me of when my best friend who I consider my sister, Julie (sevendollarpants) made me a video montage for my 16th birthday which were pictures of us through the previous pubescent years. This one is by far one of my all time favorites. This picture was taken at my birthday party. I’m a few years older than Julie. There was a moment in our childhood when I asked her mom, “Can I hold the baby? Here,we are both sporting fashionable plastic rings and bracelets. I, in my Strawberry Shortcake slippers, tomato pants, and heart T-shirt smiling with the gap between my teeth and the cowlick  in my hair. And Julie a.k.a “Noopy” sheepishly grinning to the side, her cute little mushroom cut hair  and sporting a tomato jumper and fuzzy red socks. We probably planned our outfits. Ahhhh the good ol days – ……..I can’t help but laugh every time I look at this picture. – Christina XO


SAnTa guMbY

I love this time of year, especially when the Christmas tunes start playing. And I’m not talking about the Black Eyed Peas latest remix of “Little Drummer Boy” (please tell me there isn’t one). I’m talking about the oldies, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald…sure Dolly Parton too! I look forward to the lights, the Wish Lists, getting together with friends for Christmas parties and connecting with family.  Last night I was doing a bit of cleaning and I came across my Santa Gumby! WOW! I can’t even tell you how much I love this guy. I’ve had him ever since I was a baby. My grandparents gave him to me. It always sat on top of their cupboard. It had been given to me last year….after all these years and this gumbyish figurine makes me smile all of the time. I could be crying about something and all I have to do is just  look up  at Santa Gumby sitting on the ledge minding his own business and I smile………yes it’s the little things that make me happy. And yes….I’m still a child at heart. What’s your favorite Christmas decoration? – Christina XO