I recently did an interview with JitZule online promoting the web-series, inSAYSHAble that I helped co-write with my good pal and funny gal, Amy Matysio. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your character come to life, working on personal projects and other projects with people who inspire you. Add a little bit comedy, touch of drama, cup of risk and Boom! It’s simply the best. The secret to a successful project, well there are many but one of them is to just play. If you missed it check it out here, inSAYSHAble  and the Sicoli interview right here, right now. – CS xx 

left to right: Sicoli & Matysio


60 Seconds and then some.

60 Second Tips With Sicoli is up.

This Weeks Tip: How to Sew A Button On A Shirt…’s that simple.

I am soooooooo excited to see the latest Wes Anderson movie, “Moonrise Kingdom”. He is one of my all time favourite directors! It is my dream to be in a Wes Anderson film. So Wes, if you’re reading this…….

This film stars a brilliant cast of characters: Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand and of course Jason Schwartzman just to name a few. I love Anderson’s distinct style of movie making. Most of his films combine dry humor and flawed characters, this alone gives me goosebumps of joy as I am a HUGE fan of character driven films. I’m loving the style, colours, and esthetics of this film already. 

Saw this pic! Loved it so much I had to share. Sometimes you just need to belt out a tune….and even if it’s out of tune. As long as some noise is coming out of your mouth. Believe me, there is a lot of noise that comes out of my little body, I blame it on being Italian….or at least other’s have informed me of that!

Sing it Baby!


What are 3 great things you’ve done TODAY?

1. I worked on a project for a few hoursCREATIVITY

2. I got my yoga and sauna onEXERCISE

3. I made someone laugh – COMFORT

This seems like a nice thing to do.

The weekend is here…What are you going to do? I am in a serious mood to dance! JUST LIKE THIS.

Happy Weekend Everyone! Treat yourself to something fun  . special . nice . – CS XX


Dream Big with 60 Second Tips With SICOLI.

You’ve seen it on YOU TUBE, “Learn to play the Ukulele“, “How to apply false eye lashes by Kandee Johnson” or a simple “How to sew a button : Basic sewing skills”. Anything you want to learn is at the tip of your fingers on the world-wide web. Some of these ‘How To’s’ or ‘Basic tutorials’ are informative while others are 10 minutes way too long. You want to keep your audience wanting more, right? So how about a weekly tip with me?! Sicoli! for just 60 seconds!!!! You’ll get simple ideas that you may not have even thought of. And after 60 seconds  you can always use your imagination, because as we’ve all learned from childhood your imagination can take you anywhere. And believe me, the places I’ve gone with my imagination….Hey Oh! 60 Second Tips With Sicoli is just a small town girl (me) against the backdrop of her shower curtain filming an informative segment just for YOU. Nobody said it was wrong to educate their audience with a simple and useful tip. So I’m doing it. Check it! Like it! Laugh it! Pass it! And stay tuned for more 60 second tips every week. – CS xo

I’m just a sap when it comes to inspirational quotes……taken from magazines… CHAPTER’S…just a simple little sucker when it comes to Christmas tunes and “Magazine Time” , sipping an Americano or two…and people watching….on a lonely Friday night. I mean Sunday, A Sunday afternoon. I love a lazy Sunday. 


DREAM BIG (why not?)


LUcille In stEAMy vAlentiNE

Lucille is back! This time she is getting ready for a night of seduction in , “Steamy Valentine”. This is the second episode in the LUCILLE IN LOVE collection. Stay tuned for more of Lucille and her adventures as she desperately searches for love. – Christina XO


The Acting Class- Episode 2: “biBle STudy gAng BANG”

Hey everyone! Episode 2 of the ACTING CLASS is up. Check out out: “Bible Study Gang Bang”: The class devolves into a therapy session. Christina and Irene discover they’ve both had relationships with the same man. Brant and Diana get sexual in front of the class. And Jane pulls a gun out of her tits.

CHECK IT OUT – Christina XO




The Acting Class : pILot EPisODe

It’s up! Every Wednesday afternoon tune into THE ActingClassWebSeries’s Channel

This week’s pilot episode, “Class Dynamics”: The men vie for Melissa’s attention. Everyone else tries to avoid going for drinks with Calm, the teacher. And Matty laments not ever getting an audition. Tune In NOW and let all of your friends know about it!


LUcy GOoSEy by rare little bird.

Hey everyone! Just two more weeks until Christmas (YIKES!). Are you sick of people asking you if you’ve been naughty or nice? Why if I had a dollar for every time!……WHY NOT BE BOTH? This holiday season, get a little Naughty and Nice for your lova, spouse or even crush (Why not? Be bold…Life’s too short!). Check out my 2010 Christmas cards created by little ol me called, “Lucy Goosey” by Rare Little Bird. Put a little spice in your Christmas gift. I know I will ! All details below. HO HO OH!- Christina XO


LuCy goOSey by rare little bird.