Rocking Out With Aerosmith

I went to the Aerosmith concert about two weeks ago at the Rogers Center here in Vancouver. I’ve seen them a few times before and I have to say they are by far one of my favorite rock bands of all time. I even went with the flu, I was not about to give up my ticket. In high school I would replay “Crazy”, “Angel”, “Janie’s Got A Gun” and “Love In An Elevator”,  over and over again. I secretly wanted to be in an Aerosmith video……O.k I still do. I’ll admit I have a secret rock crush on Joe Perry who was sporting a damn hot mariachi look and who wouldn’t crush on Steven Tyler’s cookiness, charisma and over all eccentricity? The way he struts down the catwalk flailing around the stage with his staple prop (microphone in stand ala hanker chief in hand) as he flirtatiously moves and talks to the audience. Let’s face it, for me any guy who plays a musical instrument I will crush on. The band never fails to put on a fully energized concert, and at sixty years plus that’s “Amazing”. I love LOVE LOVE Steven Tyler’s voice. He has such a distinct sound unlike other musicians these days. From Tyler’s early seventy’s vocals to his present day vocals the man shows little signs of aging….In the voice that is. He’s still got it! He’s still got that outrageous “YAKAKAKKKAKAKAKAOWWWWWW” and musical range. When he interacted with the crowd he genuinely expressed his love and gratitude for his Vancouver audiences and this beautiful city that’s he had a chance to explore (as well as the ladies I’m sure) He said and I quote, “Vancouver is our favorite Canadian city”. Did you know that Aerosmith recorded  their trilogy of comeback albums Permanent Vacation, Pump and the monster seller Get a Grip at Little Mountain Studios? They are quite familiar with Vancouver and I am sure had their fill of party party times here.  They also recorded at Mushroom Studios. If you missed the concert (they say it was their last tour) you can catch Steven Tyler as a judge on American Idol. YIKES! I’m going to have to watch it now. Aside from the popular hits that I grew up with, here are a few of my absolute favorites  – Christina XO  p.s pictures from the concert to follow.

REMEMBER – WALKING IN THE SAND (Originally sung by the 60’s band, “The Shangri-Las









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