i got my juice on with a bottle of polish.

I’ve been hearing about the amazingly delicious yumminess of  THE JUICE TRUCK  in Gastown. And so…I just had to go by and scoop one up! Not only do they have a fantastic menu of fresh organic juices and smoothies they are a sweet bunch of peeps operating their own successful business. They are Fun, Friendly, and Fantastic  (3 of my favourite F words that I expect in a business, aside from the obviously F word that I won’t say). They take the time to share with you their story and will even create something a little special for your health needs. Less banana, more kale please? I love my greens. Everytime I guzzle down a fresh juice or smoothie I automatically feel a boost of energy! I feel extra healthy and I smile.  Well I usually smile anyways…but beets make me even happier. Kale makes me hyper and spinach well…WATCH OUT! 

I think there should be a juice truck at every corner….or maybe just parked outside my apartment. And boyz! Here’s a suggestion, create a “juice truck card”…..10 juices gets you a FREE one of your choice!

Please check out this truck….I Love It. Did you have your juice today? Cause I just got juiced.


I then bought a juicy new nail RGB polish called “Sea”. – Aside from its colour, the best part of it, is it’s ingredients.  No Formaldehyde, No Toluene and No DBP. Then you ask,” Well what is it made from?” I say, “Kale and sparkles”. Hot damn! I can for sure tell you it looks dynamite on my nails and my counter top. – CS xx

Owners Ryan and Zach = Awesomeness