The Wing Nuts Bowling League

The past weekend was pretty busy, I took in two fantastic theatre shows, “Lobby Hero” at the Havana starring the talented Loretta Walsh and “Thunderstick” at the Firehall Arts Center staring another friend of mine, the very funny Craig Lauzon (Royal Canadian Air Farce) and Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas). I also managed to squeeze in a night of bowling. WOW! I haven’t bowled in years. I remember when I was younger I would go to bowling birthday parties in my home town. The smell of smoke would fill the air, bowling shoes were not too clean, and plates of pizza and fries would be passed along the score sheets.

What a difference now! The bowling lanes were CLEAN! No smoke (phew!), you can’t eat while you play, almost new shoes (as far as they looked), I even bought a pair of socks for $3.00 because I forgot mine. I thought I was renting them at first thinking, No way could rental socks be $3.oo! So I took them. Then realized I had bought them. Next time I should remember to bring my own socks! A few friends of mine and I went to the Commodore lanes and Billiards for an hour of F-U-N. I didn’t realize how much aggression one could take out on that 5 pin. Maybe that was just me. You’re not supposed to bounce the ball on the lane right? But I even placed second with a few strikes that helped me raise my game. To rent for an hour was $30.00. Round up some friends, have a beer or two and you are set. I’m starting to think I want to start a bowling night, get into teams and dressing up in proper bowling league attire is a MUST. The name, “The Wing Nuts” came to mind. Hmmm…What do you think? – Christina XO