fONDa noLIta

I craved fish tacos tonight. I could taste the savory cilantro, lemon, tomatoes and pepper sautéed over a succulent piece of fish. Then I was reminded of the restaurant Fonda Nolita that I ate at in NYC. I was attracted to Fonda Nolita’s white brick exterior that looks like a garage. Cement floored sleeve decked with whitewashed brick walls, palm trees, and picnic tables printed with backgammon/checker boards makes this a must eat destination in NYC. It’s an authentic Mexico-style community space  focusing on ultra-fresh eats, cold cervezas, and the kind of laid-back fun you want when surrounded by your peeps. You can play board games and watch movie screenings too!  It’s a taste of Mexico brought to NYC. So if you are in that area check it out! Oh! I was out of fish so I opted to make homemade chicken soup…for my soul- Christina XO

Fonda Nolita . 267 Elizabeth Street . NY . 10012 nr . Houston St.