The other morning I ran some errands on South Granville before heading to work. I dread the bank like one dreads the dentist. Thank the lord there was still some green in my account. Phew! So, I treated myself to a delicious Americano and made my way to Shoppers Drug Mart for my last shop stop. All you women out there (not to center you out guys) will appreciate and understand the inconvenience of running out of your womanly products all at once.  Not only is it annoying, it’s costly. BUT –  It’s worth it when you need that roll of toilet paper plus the latest issue of Vogue and Entertainment Weekly. For a second  I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice to win some money? This way I wouldn’t feel guilty buying so many things (not the toilet paper) but the things that I could let slide but won’t. As I resumed to the check out line something distracted me. That’s when I saw it.  A shiny pink and black scratch and win ticket with the words, “YOU COULD WIN A TRIP TO NEW YORK PLUS $5,000. TOP PRIZE $50.000. And it was a SEX AND THE CITY ticket so I couldn’t resist.  My heart was racing! Being a huge fan (Minus SATC 2. That was Gawd awful. But that’s besides the point) I had to buy a ticket. I was feeling lucky!  So an extra $3.00 later I was winning that trip to New York City! Maybe I wouldn’t come back! I was going on a shopping spree with my BFF!  $50.000 was paying off all of my debt! I’d donate some it to charity ! Buy another pair of Louboutin shoes….go on a yoga retreat….take some workshops….Cosmopolitans for everyone in the store!  I had a plan….I was going to WIN!……$9.00.

Sigh….(deep breath)

On the bright side, it’s $9.00 I didn’t have before.  And I was happy. O.k a bit bummed out but It can buy me 3 more tickets….Or some produce at the market. I’ll have to decide. Today is a brand new day and I’m $9.00 richer. -Christina