Happy Socks.

I am quite particular about my socks whether they be running socks, casual mid calf socks, knee-high socks, over the knee socks, tights or nylon socks. I’m particular about the material, the design, the colour, the texture and most importantly the quality. This year I have been slightly obsessed with “HAPPY SOCKS”.  Happy Socks are (by definition) “high quality socks. Since the cotton is combed before being spun into thread, the short fibres fall out, while the stronger and comfier long fibres stay in. The cotton is then woven in Italian knitting machines of the brand Lonati, famous for their high precision. The machines are computer controlled to ensure exact patterns, while the toe seams are sewn by hand to guarantee perfect fit. The hand linked toe seam ensures that there is no bulging overlap at the toe, but a perfectly smooth seam, making the sock fit your foot like a glove”.

There is nothing worse than buying a cheap pair of socks and 2 days later you have a hole in the heel. They don’t just come in black, navy, white, grey, BORING…They come in endless variety of models and designs, crossing a wide spectrum of colour combinations, materials and textures. Simply put: a pair of high-quality socks for every occasion, mindset and style. So the next time you need a pair of socks…..look out for Happy Socks! I guarantee they will make you smile. – Christina 🙂