The Soap Show

This Monday July 24, 2010 the naive and weird hostess/spoken word artist, Miss Halle Barry returns to The Soap Show” for Season 1 of “Jour du Jour’. I  had the pleasure of interviewing this odd little gem. Here are a few questions in our

Getting to Know You”  TOP 10.

Name: Halle Barry

Title: Hostess/Spoken Word Artists

Where: Jour du Jour

Romance Novel OR Judy Blume? Romance Novel(s)

1. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? – Hemp seeds and cottage cheese plus 3 coffee’s. But I didn’t eat the coffee, I drank it. HA.Hahahahaaaaaahahhahahah.

2. Describe your perfect date. – He picks me up and we go back to his place.

3. That’s it? – That’s perfection.

4. I noticed you have a slight lisp. It’s very charming,  Talk about it. – I actually had a stroke when I was 6 years old. I woke up from a terrible nightmare and jolted my body somehow. The doctors still aren’t sure the cause but I think I was so scared that I pulled something that ultimately affected my speech patterns. I also stuck my tongue to a pole in the winter and had to pull it off. My tongue has never been the same. I think that may have contributed to it.  Then there was the time when I-

5. Alright. I think our readers get the point. Many people don’t know you are a spoken word artist aside from hosting duties . Are you working on a specific piece of spoken word? – As a matter of fact I am.  I started a piece on WOLVES. Here is a sneak peek:


You drown me with your cry furry beast. Die.

I just wrote that this morning after I got out of the bathtub.  A lot of my inspirations come from the bath.  I think it’s the water that gives me ideas or the fact that my cat Nikki passed away last week. She got killed by a wolf. I release a lot of tension through my writings.

6. Tell me about a typical day at “Jour du Jour”. – Hmmm well I show up to work and then they close it down due to health inspections. It actually has never really been open. So I usually dance around barefoot, practice my spoken words on my co-workers there, polish cutlery over and over again. Tons of things to do. Sometimes I just stare of in space. I love when I do that.

7. You share the same name with the famous actress, Halle Berry. Do people get you two confused? – Not at all. Her’s is pronounced Halle Berry (as in blueberry). Mine is pronounced Barry as in (ballet Bar.) The odd time people get mixed up but it’s no biggie.

8. Milk or Cream? Sheep.

9. What is something our readers don’t know about you? – I tend to dabble in witch craft….Oh…And I steal the odd thing. But only things that are under $5.00.

10. Tell us about your personal style? – Hmmmm I think it’s Boho chic meets Carni gal. You’d be surprised at how many treats you can win at the Carnival. It’s my favorite place….Well one of them.

Thank You Halle Berry. – Anytime. Tootaloo Bubaloo.

– Christina

Please check out the improvised soap show. Monday Nights at the Firehall Arts Center.