gyPsy MarKET ViNtaGE

Monday – My day of errands took me to Gastown to one of my all time favourite boutiques, One Of ¬†A Few. I get as excited as a little kid in a candy shop. Then again, I get excited in a candy shop too so that says a lot about me. Yes, I am a kid at heart. For the next 5 months at One Of A Few, Gypsy Market Vintage is featured in the Pop Up Shop. Friday they launched it with a bang! (Unfortunately I missed the cupcakes and cointreauversial punch) but I made it over the weekend and it was nice to have the shoppe to myself. Tee hee hee. Each week new finds will be brought in and each week I think I will have to make a little trip on my “errand day”. Downstairs you have clothing and accessories from independent designers and upstairs an array of vintage, a perfect match made in Christina heaven. As a matter of fact mixing vintage with new pieces is my style and when things are a bit mismatched¬†even better. The perfect cookie cutter outfit does not catch my eye. The first word to my mind is BORING. I bought a few items and am especially excited about my vintage leather purse/bag. I can use it for business and I can use it for pleasure. So go visit and treat yourself! Cause I know I will again! and again! ………and again. – Christina XO