From Old To New And A Fluorescent Shoe.

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A young baby smiled at me on transit the other day. I almost started crying. Maybe it was the innocence in his smile or the playfulness in his eyes. Then I was in Holt Renfrew (gimme a break they had a major sale on shoes) and almost bought a pair of Opening Ceremony sandals just because the older woman with the bright blue eyes, red hair, navy polka dot blouse and A line skirt was absolutely adorable in features and style. She kinda reminded me of my grandmother – soft-spoken, baby blues, style, grace, and the abundance of love that would seep out of her hugs and kisses. Except of course the lady did not hug or kiss me, that would have just been odd. My bank account was telling me not to buy them. My heart was saying do it, she was sweet and kind and took the time to find my size. I justified it in my mind for a few seconds, “Maybe she needs the money to buy her grandkids some shoes”, “you only live once!”, “These sandals will compliment your tan”, “you can just hide them, he won’t notice”. Regardless, I refrained from buying and realized it was her soft demeanour, sweet personality and soft eyes of experience that I was a sucker for. But obviously I couldn’t buy her. I mean really that would be ridiculous…….. Can  you buy an old person?  I made a big girl decision that day. I put my emotions aside and told myself, “You don’t need a pair of fluorescent orange sandals, although you would rock them like no tomorrow”. I just wanted to make small talk . And trust me, that’s a first. I walked away and held back tears. Not because I secretly wanted the sandals but because she hit the ol emotional button in my heart part. I have a soft spot for babies and old people. And maybe shoes. Ok shoes for sure. – CS xx

Opening Ceremony Fluorescent Sandals

Stylish Old Women.