Isabelle Dunlop

I had the utmost pleasure of meeting Vancouver designer, Isabelle Dunlop at the Guilty About Girls show last week. Funny enough, I was in one of my favorite Gastown boutiques, One Of A Few a couple of weeks ago when I spotted this beautiful dress designed by her. I wrote down her name and googled her when I got home. I was so thrilled to find the same dress on her website as well other gorgeous items. Then at the show, my friend Shawn introduced me to Isabelle whom she knew. Small word!  I was super stoked to meet this lovely, quirky, cool woman! I immediately went gaga, fawning over her and her designs. I asked her if I could blog her and here we are. Upon arriving at her character home with Shawn, We were pleasantly surprise to find out we would be apart of a photo shoot! Photographer, Elaine Gebert of Elaine Gebert Photography. She took stunning photographs that captured our personalities and the gorgeous dresses. Yippeeeee! We got to model a few of her dresses and jewelry! I felt like a princess. How did she know that I love to play dress up? Isabelle is such a lovely, beautiful free spirit. I was so inspired to be surrounded by her visions and creativity. Thank you Isabelle for letting me come into your home, wear your clothing, be inspired by your accomplishments and take loads of pictures! Please let’s do it again. – Christina xo
TOP 20 “Getting To Know You” with local designer Isabelle Dunlop
1. What is your favorite color? – Brown
2. A Three part question. A.) Who taught you how to sew? – Scottish College of Textiles. B.) How old were you? – 17  C.) What was the first piece you ever designed? Jacket fitted wool blazer.
3. How long have you been designing professionally? And what inspired you to start designing under your own label? – 10 years. It just made sense, my idea, my name on it. People responded to the clothes that I wore (generally made by me).
4. When a woman wears an item of your clothing. How do you want her to feel? – Happy. Confident. Comfortable.
5. Aerosmith OR Beethoven? – Beethoven.
6. List your last 3 jobs before you started designing your own line. – 1. Flaming June (clothing store/sales associate) 2. The House Gallery Boutique (Renaissance clothing store/sewing/selling) 3. Country Beads – Bead Store (sales/teaching)
7. When was the moment where you thought, “I’m gonna be my own boss”? – Honestly, it’s never a conscious thought, you are a boss just doing it, but it’s great to remind yourself how wonderful it is to work for you own company 🙂 Hard times included.
8. Top 3 designers who inspire you? – 1.) Marc Jacobs 2.) Mandula 3.) Burberry Perfume
9. Leopard print mini OR pink tutu? – Pink tutu.
10. What are some of the stores that carry your label? – One Of A Few (354 Water Street), Tait (330 Cordova Street), Cargo.com
11. Describe the day and the life of YOU. – Coffee front step, Notebook, Sew something, Listen to lots of music, Practice in the basement, Drink a beer, Water, A movie, Fall asleep on the couch.
12. True OR False. Isabelle sings in a band? – TRUE!
13. What is the theme of Isabelle Dunlop designs? – Confidently Beautiful.
14. Coffee OR Tea? – Coffee.
15. Tell us something that you want us to know about you that I haven’t asked thus far. – I’ve never learned to drive.
16. What are you favorite items to design? – Coats.
17. When wearing a dress, a woman should feel – Gorgeous.
18. Sketch pad OR Etch a Sketch? – Sketch pad.
19. If a song title could describe you. What song would that be? – New City Anthem – Sex With Strangers with a little bit of Donna Summer Hot Stuff!
20. What celebrity would you love to see wear on of your dresses? – Madonna.
Behind the scenes with Isabelle Dunlop.

Isabelle Dunlop – Elaine Gerbert Photography

Fun filled photo shoot with Miss Shawn Goodson and moi.

The Black dress  – “Spain” black $200, the wool shawl/scarf piece  is $240.  Shawn’s white silk dress is $240 , the yellow sorbet dress is $240 and the floral tea dress is $240 scarves are $140.
Come out to see Isabelle in “Combine the Victorious” on August 11th.