sizzle in my city.

Summa summa summa time. 5 favorite things about summer GO?

1. Reading/people watching at the Beach.

2. Swimming at the beach.

3. Sangria on the beach.

4. Summer dresses then to the beach.

5. Hanging with my peeps at the beach.


I love summer….everything about it. Some of my favorite memories of summer were spent in the backyard of my family home swimming and laying in the sun with my neighbour and besty, Julie from Seven Dollar Pants.  A summer spent eating water melon, chatting about life, listening to music and enjoying weekly family bbq.  Memories I will cherish forever.  Summer is awesome. The fact that people are actually smiling, in a better mood and sport sun-kissed skin. I said sun-kissed not orange broiled skin (wear your SPF) and if you go beyond 30 there is no point, your product is full of fillers and unwanted crap that you don’t need sinking into your skin. I got my facts from the real deal! When it’s the dreary winter months my mind is bombarded with palm trees. As a matter of fact I’d like to look for tropical wall paper so if anyone finds any let me know! I want to flee to a sunny HOT place to soak in the sun, sand, ocean waves and live in my bikini the entire time. But now that it’s finally summer, Why not stay in your very own city  when you can’t afford to flee? OR simply because it’s as beautiful than a far off destination? VANCOUVER =  stunning. The sun gleams off the mountains, the smell of the ocean is at your doorstep (and just a bike ride away), sail boats in the creek, gorgeous sunsets, biking along the seawall and an over all amazing vibe to breathe in. Some great summer cities found in the latest H&M magazine included; Vancouver, Dubai, Stockholm, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. WOW! I’ll take that especially if I’m living in the same category as Spain. But I have yet to go so who wants to take me in the fall??? Seriously. Who does? I can pack my bags in 10 -Christina XO

A few items I use to protect my skin. ALBA BOTANICALS

I’ll use AFTER SUN by VICHY to hydrate my sun kissed body.


Time with Eric McCormack

I had such an exciting afternoon spending an hour and forty-five watching Eric McCormack in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s presentation of Glen Garry Glen Ross reprising the role of Ricky Roma. His performance seemed effortless and brilliantly portrayed. He is charismatic, witty and charming with such a dynamic stage presence. I get such a rush from a good piece of theatre that I almost want to jump up on stage! But I then realize that would be a very idiotic move. It was nice to see him come back to his Canadian roots and perform in the same theater he did 14 years ago. I must admit I have a HUGE talent crush on him and would gladly accept any role opposite him, stage or screen. A man with many talents and versatility. Gotta love that. And if you don’t well there is something wrong. If you have a chance to see it, I would definitely buy your tickets as they are selling out fast. I was lucky enough to get front row for $25.00 a piece. I love sitting that close watching theatre, nothing like seeing actors up close and personal. FACT: Eric returns to Toronto in the fall to receive his star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. Go get em tiger! – C.S xo