Miss Moustache


I’m back! It’s been a few. And in that few I was busy planning a wedding, stressing out about the wedding, being in that wedding, putting pressure on myself to get things done work wise while in wedding land only to discover I just can’t do it all. Lesson: Focus on one thing and trust that it will all get done. Because it does. And even if it doesn’t somewhere along the line it works out in your best interest.  Finally two months back and I am sinking into routine. Again. Getting my groove on, listening to rap music when I clean and really just trying to get it all done. One day at a time. Life. I learned my lesson over the past months. It was no excuse to ignore my “voice”, although others would care to differ in the physical sense. But that is why I am back. Writing to you from my comfy bed curled up in my new Egyptian cotton sheets (yup I’m bragging) and comforter (bragging more). This just couldn’t wait until the morning. For some reason it feels like a new year. I’m not sure why, could be my hair is extra shiny tonight. So I will start again. And I will take it as that. This time, more than ever my blinders are on. Tight. Allowing me to  create, discover and conjure up new business adventures and ignore all those external forces that tend to latch on when they are so unnecessary. Its funny what your inner voice(s) will say to you. What certain people will say to  you. How their opinions of you must be heard. Quite frankly I am learning to shut them up and sport a sweet smile. Why would I listen to a 200 year old curmudgeon anyways? I’ll hear you but I’m not going to listen. Often times picking my battles are in my best interest but deep in my gut always better to say how it is especially when I know what’s best for moi (that’s french for “me”). I mean really, Who knows me better than me? Me. One day others will learn. And today I continue to. Separating those into tiny little compartments. Some days you may need them and other days their shelf life is a little longer. As I continue to make all the mistakes I can, it only makes me a stronger individual. Sometimes I believe that I am superhuman and other times…well who am I kidding, I am just a ball of moosh and tears. And the fire has been taken out of my cracker. But right now I know for sure I am for the most part a firecracker with weird idiosyncrasies that I can only embrace. I am stuck with me.  This caricature whom I like. Which brings me to the second part of this blog, my likings. The moustache. I like moustaches. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it NOW. I do. I always will. No matter how out of date that may seem. It’s sexy. And with a great head of hair even better. 70’s. I notice the moustache from afar. Up close. Often times head spinning in the direction of, the “stache”. But on more than one occasion as of late it makes me cringe. It’s lost its lustre. Sadly…oh so very sad. I’ll tell you why, because it has turned into a Miss moustache. Forgive me ladies if you are reading this and you have  a “Misstache”. In no way do I want to disrespect  or offend because you may like it.  It’s just my opinion. And we all have one. Weather we like it or not. In this case I vote NOT. I’ll admit it, I can’t give you my attention considering the only thing I see moving is the hair growth upon your upper lip. There are ways to take the “Miss” out of stache. Wax, thread and my all time favourite, Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo. I’ll panic at the slightest beginnings of a blonde stache. Whiskers if you may. Even if it’s one tiny hair. Really, this is none of my business but I needed to get it off my chest. And believe me it’s not big. Signing off. Dreaming of unicorns and the 1970’s. This may be symbolic. Or it may not even make sense.  I go to sleeps. – CS XXImage



I was in NYC about a month ago and DID NOT want to leave.  I think most people who have been there would  agree that it really is one of the best cities to be in. I one hundred percent understand the whole “I Heart NY” motto. How could anyone resist a city full of art, entertainment, lights, culture, restaurants, shops,  etc..etc..etc…The list goes on and on and on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE New York City! A city that never sleeps! It’s a city full of BUZZ. I was literally buzzing for 4 full days…And it wasn’t from the alcohol. Although this one particular night the $3.50 martinis made me buy a few items at SABON. Rule #1- Never drink before you shop. Like a moth attracted to bright lights I couldn’t resist the soothing rustic decor, the delicious aromas of organic essential oils, candles, bath products and a free hand massage. Hey Oh!  YUMMMY. I seriously wanted to move in. I’m not a fan of strong perfumes…I get nauseous just walking through the fragrance section of a department store or from a woman who clearly dumped a bottle of perfume on herself. There is nothing more nauseating than that. To me it’s one big turn off (and I’m not just talking about women. Men, hold off on the cologne dump. It’ll drive a gal mad…And not mad in the “I wanna jump his bones” mad) Like my grandmother always said, “A little dab will do ya”. I particularly indulge in soft scents such as vanilla and musk and tend to opt for the natural oils. As I was smelling, testing, and touching everything in the store I decided to indulged in a Butter Cream Musk, Body Oil Musk, Body Cream Musk, Mini soap, and all Natural Lip Gloss. Check out their website and read all about their story. The best part is they are organic and all natural. I must admit I smell delicious – Christina XO