Abstract Woman.

I had a wonderful conversation with someone this week which included our love for anything odd. For as long as I can remember I have not been a fan of even numbers, perfect hair, perfectly constructed outfits or even stale personalities. I’ve always been attracted to the things that were a bit off, a little uneven, pinches of quirk and cracked perfection.  I tend to bring a lot of this into my work and play. With anything perfect there is always that flaw. I believe this is the reason for my love of flawed characters. But then again, we are all pretty much flawed and hide behind our masks. I tend to think abstractly and create abstractly. Lately I’ve been locking myself in my room, blasting music and painting. It’s a release to set your mind free from the “to do’s” and let it go. It’s amazing how a piece of music will guide your brush, inspire your colour and not judge how it looks. Most of the time, my left brain has an idea of how I want to depict something but my right brain takes over and the unexpected is there. I love texture and colour…maybe even a bit of sparkle too. This is just how I roll. – CS xx

“Clear thinking at the wrong moment can stifle creativity.”  – Karl Lagerfeld


The Selby

If you haven’t browsed through Todd Selby’s vibrant new book,The Selby is in your place” I highly suggest you do. I first noticed it in a store window a while back (yes bright colors do stop me in my tracks as well as other things) and immediately started browsing through it. I couldn’t put this book down. Todd Selby is a photographer, blogger and fashion celebrity who takes portraits of compelling and creative people including authors, artists, designers, musicians and friends. He goes into their home environment (with their approval of course) and captures their lifestyle in an eclectic, interesting and artful way. Each profile is accompanied by watercolor portraits of his subjects and objects from their homes.  It explodes with rich color, vintage pieces, art, mini interviews and a glimpse of people’s personal spaces such as their lofts, apartments, closets, bedrooms, you name it, he captures it. Todd takes us to New York City, Los Angeles, and other amazing places around the globe. I’ve been very inspired by many of the interior designs and accents in these places and admit to being a bit obsessed with redecorating my place with a few of these unique ideas. It never hurts to spruce up your living space with a few antiques and vintage pieces, Non?  Check out for further info on the amazing Todd Selby. And Todd if your reading, you can take my picture anytime. – Christina XO