Another birthday . Another pair of boots.


I celebrated my 35th birthday this past week. Yup . I said it. 35. Halfway to 70. A woman. And I’m not ashamed to admit my age. Although I cringe at times. But I actually feel amazing. Especially when, this week the sales lady at a cosmetic counter where I was looking at serums, exfoliants and face peels (OH MY!) asked me, “Are you 19 yet?” BOOM! She got the biggest gold star I have ever given out to ANYONE!!! They may be invisible. But heck! THEY ARE GOLD!!!!  I will unabashedly admit that I am blessed with fantastic genetics. I’m not being cocky. I’m just saying it how it is. My grandfather is 89, he looks 70. My father is in his 60’s he looks 55 (dad I hope you are reading this “gloat”) I think by the time I’m 45, I’ll actually look 35. Some say at this age I’d be a cougar. But I beg to differ. A cheetah. Sounds a little less harsh. And cheetahs still got there spunk and energyyyyyyyyy! So I must be doing something right. And in the entertainment business where looks seem to be everything these days, I knock on wood every single day that I still look like a teenage boy on camera…giving me a few years. I’m not gonna give credit to drinking lots of water, instead I’ll give credit to laughing. ALOT. Smiling ALOT. Flirting ALOT And yes… crying ALOT. Keeps me feeling young, the tear ducts are healthy, and salt water quenches the skin (I made that part up) I’ll be honest, I wasn’t excited this year. I started beating myself up on “where I feel I should be in life”, “What I haven’t accomplished as of yet”, “Why I’m still working these joe jobs”, but then foolishly shook that off. Never ask “Why” doe doe head. Instead I embraced all the fantastical things that I have accomplished thus far as a young chicken. And remind myself that certain things will give you the money to do what you want full time. And hopefully have creative control over them too. So, What is it about a “time line” that we so heavily rely on?? I’m leave that up to Facebook. This is a year of definite change. A lot of seeds are planted out there and a lot of amazing things are happening and unfolding. I may not see them yet but I am fully ready for when they bloom my way. Some I can’t talk about as of yet and others I will share when the time is right. But in the mean time I have graciously wrote down what I am proud of to remind myself of all the good that is here and that I am on the right track. The night before my birthday I bought myself some roses and popped open my iPhoto where I keep a section called, “THE GOOD OL DAYS”. Snap shots from photo albums at my parents home from the 70’s. Nostalgia sets in and I cried like a fool while laughing at the innocence of such a young little “peanut” as my dad called me as a baby. Weighing in at 3 lbs that nick name still holds. I had it good. And I still do. Lots of LOVE . FRIENDSHIPS . FAMILY . CREATIVITY . HEALTH. LIFE. and oh so much more! And sure, we always do want more. And sure, we beat ourselves up. But for what? We do what we can and the rest is up to wherever our adventures lead us. It’s amazing how the word YES and how our actions will take us on unknown adventures. I think that’s part of why I love being an actor, I never know what’s next and when it comes I tackle it from a place of play. Some challenging, some testing but overall they work out as planned. I’ve learned to keep my blinders on, ignore the ignorance of others, and continue to listen to the burning feeling that tells me to “keep on trucking”. Cause when I focus on myself and commend the good I do it makes me feel fantastic. Smiling at the days that past I was more excited to wake up the next morning and celebrate my life as a 35 year young woman. And that’s what I did. I woke up, got out of bed, stretched my arms and yelled, “FUCK YA ! I’M FUCKING 35!” …got on with my day..embraced all the well wishes, celebrated with close friends and bought myself another pair of boots. Hey! The one thing that makes me feel different every day are what I wear on my feel. And the fact that I’m starting to get bunions, well that opens a whole level in the shoe world. No, not orthotics (I can’t face that yet) But that face that I need good quality footwear. Most of the time quality equals quantity in my books. And whatever else makes me feel delicious, sexy, creative, flirty, cheeky, confident, passionate, excitable, fiery and endure the game of life! And yes, a gal needs to splurge once in a while. Even if one of those splurges aside from boots is skin care. Because soon (and by soon I mean another 25 years) I’ll be earning my spots. GRACIOUSLY – CS XX Image Already practicing in the mirror. Image My ability to not stay still started at a young age. My dad is wearing a very cool vintage button down. He probably still has it. I, on the other hand wish I owned that onesy. Image I look like a boy (to the left in pink) although you probably knew I was a girl (in the pink). A bottle of milk and my papa’s “Italian dog bones” always kept me happy. As you can see by my smile. My brother to the right (an actual boy). Image I look like a boy. My mom decided to keep my hair short. Thanks. They called me “Trouble” just like the game. Image Still looking like a boy (in red) Thanks. My brother to the left (an actual boy) But the beginning of my artistic adventures as a girl. Notice how I can paint and stare right into the camera. Talent. Image SR. Kindergarden. I look like a little girl. I love this picture. When I have a bad day I look at it and it reminds me of the cheeky monkey that I still am. Impeccable style too I may ad. Image The 35 year old woman that I was talking about. I still got it. Even with my tongue out. Cheers to a new year! And Play every chance you get! Cause that my friends….is what it’s all about. images


The Compromising Couple.

A TRUE STORY. You do things for people because you love them. Sometimes you go on an 8 mile hike up a mountain. This hike happens to be on the side of a cliff. There are gusting winds. En route, your tiny tater tot almost gets gouged off by a branch. I’m not talking about a twig, I’m talking about a bamboo like branch with spikes. Curse words fly in the open air. IE) “for FU&^%K sake I didn’t sign up for this!!”. It feels amazing to shout it out at the top of your lungs. At one point you hug the side of a mountain. There is water streaming down your entire body and you are holding on for dear life. You declare, in your loud the-atre voice, “I’d rather quote a Shakespearean monologue than kiss this ledge” or you just go ahead and bid “farewell thee…” but you don’t remember the rest of the soliloquy. Your loved one isn’t in the mood for a comedy routine. You slip in a creek, pull something under your knee cap, stop at a beach for a snack and notice cats appearing out of nowhere. “What the hell beach is this?” you ask…3….4… 8 of these rat like furry creatures lurk towards you. You have the best movie idea ever. This could be, “Cat Beach”. The latest Steven King film. I would like to see this made. I will star in it as the non cat loving woman who gets possessed. This has NEVER been done before. I love horror films. You wipe out on a trail. A few inches closer and you would fall and swim with the sharks. You crouch against a huge rock when 4 beautiful gazelles (women) just dance up the mountain of rocks with their “toe runners” sporting not a smudge of dirt. You mumble, “Meh”. You and your loved one do a quadruple take and ask at the exact same time, “Did that just happen?” Muddy as a pig in poop, you slowly rise and say, “those are the ugliest toe runner shoes whatever they are..ever”. He says, “You have quinoa on the side of your face”. And as per usual you get the last few words in, “You have a boner”. A dinosaur tramples through the tropical jungle (I made that part up). You wipe the drool on the side of their mouth because that’s what you do for them. He keeps asking, “Where did they go? Maybe we should go back and swim again.” All you hear is a buzzing sound. It’s not a fly. You film 60 Second Tips With Sicoli. You take a wrong turn and walk through boulders. You stand alone in the middle of a strong current staring at the boulder hoping, just hoping for it to say, “Tequila Bar on your next left”. It doesn’t. You stick your tongue out at it. You get back on track. You reach the end and wander off to the main beach and lay down on the sand. You got a big smack of nature in the face today. You are grateful for all the beautiful things that happen to you in life. The ups and the downs. It’s just like hiking up and down that mountain. You embrace it all. A handsome european man (who looked like Javiar Bardem) walks by you and smiles. Your imagination goes wild. You snap out of it before you look like a deer in headlights. You smile back. Like a 16-year-old girl. Maybe you still act like one. But that’s your charm. Some things are worth it. That was a good day. – CS xx