sKOah sKin

I am officially back from a two-week Christmas Vacation back East….Well I may not be mentally back but I am physically. Although I never think of it as a vacation because there is no time to rest. It is go, go, GO! As much as I love visiting family and friends it feels good to be back in the hood and start a brand new year, 2011! I’m excited for this year! I just finished my budget, my goal list, project deadlines, and want to start fresh, sharp and focused! I can feel a rocking year ahead of me! Look at me! So many exclamation marks!!!!!!!  So much excitement! One thing I do notice when I travel is how different my hair and skin feel. Especially at this time of year where the air is cold, crisp and your living space may be dry. I’m pretty sensitive to fragrance and other yucky ingredients in skin care products so I try to stick to natural and paraben free products. Dry air equals dry skin.  It’s a good thing the day after I got back I had a free  20 minute sweet skin facial booked at SKOAH. This skin care workout was the perfect treat for my skin and left me feeling completely refreshed and hydrated. I’ve always been curious about their products and have heard nothing but rave reviews. I got a skin analysis and bought a travel kit catered to my facial needs. My skin feels like a baby’s bottom. Gooo goo gaa gaa. Amazing and PH balanced. If you have a chance I would highly recommend SKOAH. Check out their website for further information and book an appointment at one of their four locations in the Vancouver area. -Christina XO


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