Well! This is it…a post about HAIR. For those who know me I’m obsessed with hair and for those who don’t know me….I’m obsessed with hair. Hair is your mane. It’s your face shaper, it’s the thing you toss up in a bun on those lazy days or style sleekly on those sexy feel good days. There are different types of hair that I like to categorize: The Pantene Pro V hair, The Beach bum hair, The Lion’s mane, The Butch hair, The “What the hell did you do to your hair”, The Mom chop and my list goes on and on…..and on.  A brief history about my hair if you will. I used to look like a little boy when I was young, people thought my brother and I were twin boys (thanks mom!) You know the short Frankenstein coif? Then the mushroom cut and finally as I got older, I had long thick pretty straight hair. Then when I hit puberty, BOOM BANG BADABING BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! My hormones changed (we won’t go there) and suddenly my hair became crazy wavy and curly. So I’ve categorized myself in the Lion’s mane category. Oh Me! Oh My! Can it get frizzy and sometimes be mistaken as an unruly animal on the top of my head…possibly a rat’s nest? It’s tamable with the right styling products and tools so I can definitely control it even though takes a lot of work.  It’s time-consuming (sometimes) therefore I have to wash my hair at certain times in the night in order for it to dry fully. And then be ready to style in the morning. The benefit of my unruly hair is I can go dark and light. I love my hair blonde, I feel quirky, goofy, childlike and sexy. When it’s darker I feel a bit more sophisticated (If you can believe that!), mysterious, edgy but of course my usual bubbly goofy spastic self. I should really have a hair fund. Unfortunately I’m the type who is very particular about it, where the highlights are places, not being stripy, the right tone etc…And if it’s not the way I want it, I am back in the chair getting it touched up. Ahhhhh yes! I am that overbearing client who comes back 3 times. (Sorry hairdressers). Every year after a lot of harsh blondisizing I tend to go darker to deposit my natural color, let me hair relax and start at a fresh base before I go blonde again, in which I will in the next couple of months. So this exactly what I did. My hair feels like a whole new head of hair. I was inspired by the two-tone color sported by Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore. I think it’s funky, sexy, and brings out my quirky personality although I have to admit it will still take some time to get used to. This is what I am going for. Once my hair settles I will post pictures. For now I will were it up in a loose bun! Below are my favorite celebrity style/fashion/beauty inspirations. – Christina xo

These are my inspirations for when I’m blonde:


4 thoughts on “HAIR

  1. I thought I was the only gal in the world who had to plan her life around her hair washing! It takes so damn long to dry!! I envy asians and their perfect hair. They have noooo idea what us curly hair ppl have to go through!! I used to avoid beach vacations because of too much water, too much work lol.

  2. I’m exactly the same way. I love going super blonde-ass in the summer. I’ve been rocking a milder version of the 2 toned hair since last fall. Hard to get it just right but I think it’s coming around. Partly cause I don’t have the moola to do my roots. Ha! Can’t wait to see it 😉

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